HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


That is a good point. But still. I wished that love would be stronger than bloodthirst


They should really just silence every gun, except for the ones like the Striker and the Lancer, and have an option to remove the supressor, like in Absolution. Having a silenced Druzhina would be so cool.


Really?! You can be “spotted” by a camera (like have the whole suspicion bar fill up) but if you manage to get away unnoticed by a guard you technically wouldn’t have been “spotted” by and NPC and only have to delete the evidence?

If so, awesome.


I thought we can throw lethal objects at KO’d?


Also, about snipers.

The unsilenced Jager 7 and Jager Lancer are weird. They’re super loud, but I find no one cares.
Paris Garden, Sapienza Church Tower, Marrakesh Lamp Rooftops/Headmaster House, Bangkok 47’s balcony.
Each of those places are pretty close to NPCs, and yet whenever I shoot my super loud gun, no one near the area cares. Not the guards near the shed in Paris, not the church staff of Sapienza or guards in the graveyard, not the soldiers on the Marrakeshi streets, not the patrons in the Hotel Garden just under 47.

Sure, guards come investigate after I’ve killed a target (most likely because they were alerted from afar or they ran to your location from the target’s position) but no one ever seems to get scared or distracted by a loud unsilenced sniper gunshot.


Ye. At least bodies found. Its the new witness system. I put sedative poison into Cassidy’s house, camera spotted a body, i deleted the evidence, and in the end got Silent Assassin


no, we can’t. it was in the pre-beta build, but it’s removed for some reason


I could have sworn I saw someone do it last week. Dang.


Now that is a good feature.

EDIT: Or wait, could it be that sedated NPCs bodies now no longer count against SA? I know there are a few more Sedative item unlocks in H2, but they never proved useful in 2016.


It’s pretty ridiculous, honestly. If they’re going to have it be like that and it’s not a bug, they could at least silence the rifles.


Hmmm… Ill go try that one actually.


No, Sedatives sitll do the same



Well good to know the camera system has changed!


I tried 2 things. Getting spotted by targets and sedatated bodies found. Both mess up the score


so does the taser count as an accident kill? if so i think that’s a bit op


Yes, it does.

Just today, i electrocuted Vanya Shah and Wazir Kale with it, and no bodies found


But its an illegal item and can only be used in water. Never the less, Tasers are an item iwe wanted since i first electroucted Franny De Sanny


it electrocutes whoever picks it up


I love this game. I think it’s the best game in the series.That is all


so, why do civilian NPCs have lines for “hey, man, put that gun away”, if holding a gun is illegal to NPCs. i usually hear it whenever i drop a concuss bomb and then bump into an NPC

so far i’ve heard. “put that gun away, unless it’s a toy right?” and “there might be guards, put it away”.