HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


This is annoying. If i save someone, the one who i just saved should be grateful, not a witness. I just knocked out Sierra, on the same second that she pushes the mascot down, but the animation didnt finish, so he survived


Magik :smiley:


I finished the game today and oh my god IO you did it. You completely nailed the fan fantasy and you gave us the best of the best.

The levels are all absolutely amazing and so much fun. Not only the size, but the vibe is so well done! The music is so much better, and I really wanna give the composer some kudos for his well improved work. It’s so awesome you learned from the feedback we gave you on Season One, and you really outdone yourself! :+1:

Hitman 2 finally gave me the kind of missions/targets I personally was mission in Season One: evil targets with a dark background, in a dangerous environment. The first time I walked into the Delgado grounds dressed as P-Powers, with all the guard looking at me with their AK’s, the chills went over my spine. With all that cash, drugs and weapons lying around, I knew I walked into something nasty. Same goes with India.

Now Whittleton Creek, oh boy, this was something else. Almost like a wet dream. So pleasing, so much fun. You’d expect a suburbia level in hitman to be like A New Life, but this really is something else. The cupcake lady and her business is a part of what makes it so sweet. Also, Janus was a great target. For the first time in my whole Hitman career, I felt bad for killing a target. It pains me to kill an old, dying man.

Now to the story, it really wasn’t as bad as some say. Maybe a bit expected, but still fine. The static cutscenes were a surprise at first, but I got used to it. I prefer CGI cutscenes over this thought. I think a story about 47’s past is really interesting, but the fact that Lucas Grey and 47 are so close all the sudden makes me uncomfortable, and makes Diana unprofessional. I can already sort of predict what the story of Hitman 3 will bring us, but since hitman 2 kinda surprised me on this part, it’s still hard to say. Looking forward to it anyway. :slight_smile:

Last but not least, the new unlocks. I’m happy I finally get to play with realistic looking guns. Bartolli shotgun, silenced smg, AK, Dragunov. Now I can finally go on a massacre as a heavily armed terror clown, or go in passive agressive as John Wick in the all black suit and silenced uzi. You open up a lot of doors with these items, and they don’t even look blue! I look forward to seeing more guns like this in Hitman 3.

Overall, this game might actually be the best Hitman out there. It doesn’t beat Blood Money for me, cause I can’t let go of the nostalgic feels with it, but this is what you’d expect from a modern day Hitman game. Very well done. Couldn’t have done it better myself. Proud to be a gold edition owner, it was a privilege to play this beauty.

10/10 game.


2 ladies on drugs in the bathroom… huh


There is a big one on the Kowoon Paddock table :stuck_out_tongue:


Has anyone else noticed that horrible red flash when you shoot the pistol?


No. I dont see any red flashes


Hopefully, IOI will take this into account the way they did with Escalations being 3 levels from now on.


was the crash problem fixed? I havent crashed today yet. If so, i might just do one of the kill everyones in Isle of Sgail today


Thankfully Sophia and Zoe do not pickup the killswitch, so i dont have to worry about taking them down before starting to mow down the NPCs


Not on PS4. Crashed twice on Miami while going to the exit and while the exiting cutscene was playing.


That sucks. Seems to me like its fixed on Pc tho


Uhhh… And what if i dont?


I believe this is what happens


That would be illogical. I have both of the killswitches





What crash are you guys talking about? I’ve played through Miami about 10 times or so for max mastery and Master difficulty SASO and Sniper Assassin and I haven’t had any crashes. Is there a known trigger or condition that causes crashes in Miami?


The twins can still contact the Partners and they surely have the killswitch controllers.


But in the video where he put the poison into his neck, there was only 2 switches. And those were given to Zoe and Sophia


Please the Partners are shady evil people who do shady evil things, they would have to have had a backup or another switch secretly for them. If not then the Partners can always kill the Constant outright since the Washington’s status is higher than the Constants.