HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


Well, if thats the case, the partners would find out about it very fast and kill him whilst he is in captivity


And the constant rules the fucking world, yes?


True I think they just want to have a time crunch. I mean how did you get the kill switches anyway?

From the look of things it appears the Ingram, Stuyvesant and Carlisle children do (The Partners)


I knocked Zoe and Sophia out, stole the killswitches and then started the massacre


Ahh, Occam’s Razor. I don’t think IO thinks that players knock out the targets. Only us forum crazies do things like that.:joy: Except for massacres, many players old and new will do those.


I myself tought it was common sense to steal the killswitches


I throw the shovel, pacify the 10th peep, get the spade knight challenge, and the shovel is stuck in the wall. I was very lucky, it seems


I don’t think so. Exiting where you start and watching the cutscene caused one for me. The other one happened somewhere near the fountains when I was heading to the exit.


This is odd. Knocked out NPCs dont appear as witnesses for some reason


The next cutscene shows that they cut the poison pill thing out of the Constant’s neck, so the Partners’ own kill switches would be useless.


Yes, but i assume that the partners would know about it if the constant were to escape. Who knows, maybe they are in the meeting themselves. Im sure the twins are not the only way for the partners to find out about the constant. And you cant just take the poison out in a few seconds.


Five great levels with tonnes of replayability, so I’ve had a fun time with it so far. The new locations are gorgeous, and there’s a few new items that have added another layer (tranquilizer gun springs to mind).

However, Nightcall being so insubstantial does kind of render the whole thing… lesser than Hitman 2016. We don’t have 6 sandbox locations with dizzying potentials, we have 5 (really good ones mmph) alongside an obviously needless training mission, considering the ICA Training Facility was included again. And it can’t even be expanded on because no Contracts mode there.

I won’t go into the story too much, because like many others it’s not what I go into these games for, but I really wish they wouldn’t let it get in the way of gameplay. The otherwise lovely Whittleton Creek level is marred by the bottlenecking caused by the lame intrigue surrounded by incredibly cringeworthy dialogue from Diana and Sean Bean. I hope killing him as an elusive target removes his dialogue, lol (wishful thinking).

Apart from the always-online DRM which has not become more palatable since 2015, it’s very much a second serving of a game I adore, so I’m mostly very positive about it minus those points! Looking forward to seeing what comes of the live content/DLC.


What… the… fuck…

Yeah, its not like the constant already evacuated or anything, pff


Where did you come from, where do you go


Earliest save with the constant respawn, that i have


I cant knock him out


He is immune to bullets


This is too much for me… Constant Respawned and now there are knight here…




I… I…