HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


Just beaten Sgail today. HITMAN (2016) had already taken the title of best in the series when it came out two years ago (and by miles, no other game - including Blood Money - came close), and now HITMAN 2 has outdone even that. Just brilliant, every single level a blast.

In combination, HITMAN 2 with the Legacy Pack levels in it is just so far ahead of the rest of the series it’s untrue. This is the best stealth game ever made, and deserves to be in the conversation for being one of the greatest games of all time.

IOI - I’ve been playing since Contracts, and this is easily your best ever work. You’re smashing it out of the park right now, and as a fan of the series for coming up to 15 years now, please just keep doing what you’re doing because you’re creating the kind of Hitman game that I’ve always wanted. Bravo.

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I’ve finished S’gail today too. Such a great and interesting story!

Since they captured ‘The Constant’ and that it was revealed what 47 did… I’m thinking that maybe Diana knew all along. Which opens up the possibility of a betrayal in a future sequel. Yet, I wonder if 47 remembers what he did? Maybe he does, and finding and killing the people who used him might be a way to right (just one of) his wrongs.



I’ve spent the weekend playing Sgail.

I’m digging it. The targets are the weakest aspect.
‘Here are the targets for the final mission! It’s a culmination of 12 missions over 2 games! They’re brand new with no build up…’

They link in with the constant and Providence though so fair enough.

But this is a nice mission. Not huge, but not small. Lots of verticalility and lots of ‘Swiss cheese’ design. About 4 or 5 times I walked out of a door and found myself in somewhere I had already been and thought ‘oh, so I’m back here! Ok’.

I get, and I don’t know if I’m alone in this, a Beldingford Manor vibe. Anyone get that?


“Mumbai had the best use of level exits I’ve seen. I couldn’t afford a Taxi because it cost me two coins and I only had one. So I walked a bit farther down the street to find another Taxi that would give me a ride for just one coin.”

That’s… pretty cool. I’ve got a big grin on my face right now, holy cow.
HITMAN 2 seems to have much-improved level design than the first, at least in terms of clever and interesting exits. Can’t wait to get to those levels.


That’s so true! I don’t even care that there are only 5 big locations now cause they are so great.


The sound design is amazing. The “running on carpet noise” isn’t the “Running on snow noise” from Silent Assassin anymore. It actually sounds real.


IO proves once again that they can’t do hard difficulty right :slight_smile:


As someone who has been to India, they’ll tell you 2 “coins” (X Rupees), then charge you 6 when you reach the destination. We either used an “auto” (short for autorickshaw) that a neighbor owned, but more often rented a jeep. :stuck_out_tongue:


today i know one thing: clues in Whittelon-Creek have a random generator! One time - mantle of Arc and box of sigars. Yesterday -photo on table and Janus Diary! 3 days before - VHS-cassete and incriminating papers! But Diana say: find only 3 clues!


those aren’t random. there are more than 3 clues, but you only need to find 3


Wasn’t sure where to post this: with challenges which refer to drowning, it seems like it specifically has to be drowning someone in a toilet, or presumably some other specific animation. Just knocking someone out and dropping them into water doesn’t seem to complete those challenges. I don’t quite understand why that is


I think the random generator is for what clues the game points to.


I believe that’s the case for most of the accident challenges.


Can’t wait to use it on the Paris catwalk. :smiley:


It hurts. I dont like ghost mode. First off, its pressuring. I dont work well under pressure. Second, it keeps crashing every damn time i try to play it. I guess ill just find someone who can help me get the ghost mode challenges.


Starting HITMAN 2 now… (only played half of level 1 before swapping to the Legacy Pack on Nov. 9)

Man, the Shadow Client’s opening line “The Story So Far…” and basically the rest of the recap voiceover gives me goosebumps.
I’m in love with his voice. Oooooh.


I decided I’ll play Season 1 of Hitman2 before continuing on with Season 2. Get more used to it and get more gear. Got through Paris, moving on to Sapienza.


His voice is better in Season One imo. He has a much more cold tone in his voice there, now he sounds more neutral. Same with The Constant. He was kinda mysterious in S1, now he’s just loud whispering and forcing the tone he used to do.


Must be the greatest actor they have had so far in the Hitman series. His deliveries, the way he makes every word clear, his dark voice. Splendid.


I’d like to add to this

I’ve found a few other ones as well but forgot the locations