HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


I needed to grind proper long in Paris to get the lethal poison vial: the Tobias Rieper opportunity, the Bare Knuckle Boxer opportunity, Helmut Krueger opportunity, the Sheikh opportunity, the Fireworks opportunity and the Safe Room opportunity. But at least I can skip the school in Marrakesh.


Geez, I’m not sure if Hitman 2 has a bug or my computer just sucks. I needed to wait for 10 minutes for it to load and it crashed while I was playing. Missed my curfew by 10 minutes.


You can just get the Lethal Pills in some H2 map.


Or in the actually maps themselves. I think Mumbai gives out a pill jar reward.


Didn’t feel like sneaking around Marrakesh’s tunnels.


Sorry I don’t get you. You stated that you need a poison vial so you have to grind Paris. I replied that you can actually unlock in Hitman 2 maps. What does Marrakesh have to do with this all?


Huh, didn’t know that. I thought you meant there were poison vials in H2 maps.


That’s true as well.


i just started playing and first impression is that sounds are now way way better, gun sounds particularly, really nice, but i think it’s kinda fu to make me play the legacy to gain some items back.


ffs, you can just check the map mate


Man I’ve gotta say, without trying to blow smoke up IO’s butt, I am continuously blown away by how great the game looks.

And by looks I don’t mean latest shaders and effects or quality of the models. I mean the top notch artistic direction the game has. From architecture to design of the clothing even to way the levels are structured.

Little details, like clothing simulation or that agent 47 keeps finger of the trigger, there is so much attention payed to everything.

And I as an artist my self I deeply appreciate things like this! I keep finding wide variety of great visual design, from vistas to tiny forgotten corners hidden within the playable spaces and sometimes even outside =D

Not really first impression, more like 63 hours in impression, but still - AMAZING!


I’ve been a long time fan of the series and have been playing since Blood Money come out on PC, and I have to admit that while Hitman is a niche game, I love it and everything about the game.

As for H2, I think its a relatively safe move up from H1 with some added QOL changes, and I can understand that budget constraints were present while making it so I hope you continue to improve upon it and I hope we see a H3.

Also I know a lot of people don’t play Hitman for the story and mainly for the awesome sandbox feeling but I play it for both, David Bateson has done a phenomenal job on 47 and I hope he return if we have a H3 which the actor I believe did confirm, but who knows what can happen.

Keep up the amazing job and thank you for continuing your work on the Hitman franchise!


Shoot the white vase next to the pool. Just to the left of the door. :wink:


I have been waiting for Hitman to feel this good since Blood Money. H2016 just felt … passionless. I don’t know something was missing. I was thrilled to have Hitman back and looking so beautiful, but the very direct approaches left me wanting more of a choice. Hitman 2 is delivering on this so well. I have played missions over and over trying to achieve each challenge, murder, and get every achievement including playing of each difficultly.

I have to give major props to IOI for sticking it out. I can imagine the pressure with such a niche community makes it hard to justify, but if your reading this - know you have made my gaming very enjoyable. Thank you!

If I was to add to H3 I would ask for your team to dream and create! Do what you do best. Maybe new devices: GPS tracker for a person we need to track (for later), Sam fisher style camera for peeking under doors, finger print reader for biometric doors, etc. Also, it would be cool to earn a currency to purchase these items as I unlock challenges: better silencer, extra clips, etc. New vindictive kills with more realistic sandboxes like Whittleton Creek and Mumbai I’m not sure if its cause I live in America, but there is something really special about small American towns hiding a big mob boss waiting and hiding for 47 to come along and take him/her out. Small sandboxes like Hawkes bay would be nice too for really complex missions or even sub missions to one location i.e. a building interior in the larger sandbox of the city.

I could literally go on and on, but will save you the time. Thank you IOI for your dedication and endurance through, I’m sure, tough times!


This post died

Anyways, i can now turn on the carriable radio and NPCs wont turn it off. Thank you IOI. Thank you, truly :smiley:


Is there any thread for just general discussion regarding this game? Cause this isn’t really firsts impressions anymore but I wanted to say:

It’s sad how many of the assassinations in this game I just flat out don’t know how to do haha. Looking at the challenges I’m like: “I want to do that, I want to do that, I want to do THAT!” but I don’t want to spoil it for myself by looking it up : (

Guess it’s time tomorrow to start plotting out the routes of every NPC in the game :smile:



HITMAN Season 1 was the most reusable game i never played.
HITMAN Season 2 has the same flavor, with much spice.

I love the sandbox and “take as much as time as you want” to complete missions.

I should precise that i am not play the game for challenge, but for exploration.
I unlock the challenges just to unlock all the gear and suits stuff (i’ve completist and vanity “traits” and “useless therefore essential” is my “creed”).


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Will fix it right now.


love this game but ican barely play it on my ps4. it just gets so loud you can hardly hear it. is there a fix for this??