HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


I love it, I mean I still prefer Hitman 2016 over this one, but it’s good in it’s own right, only thing that confuses me out of everything is the Washington sisters, they’re very lacklustre and just seem to be thrown in there, I mean, are they over or under the constant and what’s with the kill switch, what does it do? Does it kill the constant or is it for something else? Some story aspects need to be better explained and for Hit man 3 they need to go back to actual videos like 2016 and not slow moving still images like in H2


Do you mean as a target or do you mean as a story element? Because they actually work very well as targets, there’s a decent amount of development in the level itself and I think the sassy power twin thing works very well


Got Hitman 2 for Xmas so my review is a little late, but I guess better late than never! :wink: Just finished the story today. All I can say is WOW!!! IO Interactive did a terrific job with the game. Loved all the levels, Columbia and Whittleton Creek are definitely my favourite!!

Story was great, couldn’t believe the ending!! :wink:

By far the best Hitman I’ve played!!! Thanks again @Travis_IOI @Nick_IO @Clemens_IOI @ioi_christianco you guys did great!!!


in the cutscene before the mission, you clearly see the constant inject the poison chip in his body. the kill switch that the washington sisters have, activates the poison chip


Why is it that I feel like HITMAN 2 parallels the first game’s level design a bit too much? Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just that it all looks similar in scope. I may be stretching things here a bit but…

ICA Facility=Hawke’s Bay
A tiny, introductory location meant to ease the player into the mechanics of the game.

A grand public event that focuses on a hierarchy of disguises and access levels.

The waterside town with distinct and different key areas. Most notably, a mansion and an underground lab.

A level that goes big with a densely packed market/slums. Also very yellow in hue.

They cut the fat of the formula. Good.

Colorado=Whittleton Creek
The good ol’ US of A. A small and flat but dense level focused on an average inconspicuous area turned into a secure and hostile place from a large militaristic force.

Hokkaido=Isle of Sgail
A small and dense level that harkens back to the first level’s hierarchy of access, but split into two differing areas. The plot and characters revolve around the rich and powerful and the high-class, exclusive location they inhabit.

The difference is that HITMAN 2 seems to go much bigger in its levels, even improving upon the previous season’s episodes failings. [Mumbai>Marrakesh. WhittC>Colorado]


idk, it’s kind of a stretch. obviously the same map team(s) from 2016 are gonna have the same design philosophies in H2. but in concept, everything can be similar if you think about it.

Paris and Sgail are pretty similar. both have artifacts being shown off. both have some big performance. both have secret events happening in the upper levels.

stuff like this :woman_shrugging:


I think these comparisons are too superficial, for the most part. At any rate, the gameplay puzzle each mission has you solving is significantly different than whatever thematic or setting similarities may suggest.

Just for example: Paris is a level all about verticality, emphasized by the fact that one target never leaves the ground floor, and the other is always on the top. Gradually you learn that adopting disguises isn’t the only way to make your way upstairs, with pipes and ledges to climb. It’s closest analogue in either season is actually Bangkok, which utilizes a very similar conceit. Sgail is the H2 comparison in my mind, with all the climbing and ledge crawling available to you, but there’s a lot less symmetry to the design and the targets aren’t so rigid in their pathing.



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Hello guys!

After 3 months of playing the sequel, it’s time for me to release my First Impressions of HITMAN™ 2!

Yes, i know, about time! I was supposed to post it weeks ago but…stuff happened… :sweat_smile:

So instead i took my time, and here we are now, for my First Impressions of the game :slight_smile:

Ready? Here we go then!!

I) About HITMAN™ 2 Levels:

- Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand:

My favourite level so far :heart:
Too bad it’s the smallest ><

Everything is amazing on that level: the introduction, the night setup, the dead people in the garage, how Alma Reynard arrives in the house and does her life without noticing our presence, until going to sleep.

47 arriving incognito by night, on a tactical suit, having to infiltrate a house and then surrounded by guards and his boat spotted. Damn that felt so good!

That infiltration setup definitely has it’s place into the Hitman universe, and there should be more of it :slight_smile:

However it was frustrating to see how small it is and it’s more like an introduction level than a real one.

We can’t even create contracts on it :frowning:

It definitely deserved much attention, much work and maybe a little more than just a house on a beach. Such a beautiful place with a great scenario, a waste of potential right there :confused:

Also too bad that there are no Elusive Target rewards for Hawke’s Bay, while we could’ve unlocked that amazing Tactical Suit:

Let’s hope further updates could improve this amazing level to give it a better potential for replaying it :+1:

- Miami, USA:

It’s an amazing level, very impressive performance, graphically and technically (NPCs, the race, the place fully alive and animated) :heart:

I loved the backstories of Robert and Sierra knox, and all the cool features you added like the Flamingo/Dolphin exits, the Bots that can kill targets or Sean Bean as Elusive Target, good times :slight_smile:

However…Miami, miami, miami. MIAMI EVERYWHERE!!
I’ve seen so much of it since the game announcement that I’ve became sick of it :confused:

In my opinion communication about this sequel was too much focused on this level, we’ve seen almost only this part of the game since months that when i’ve started it, i was able to go in blindly without even searching on my own.

In few words: great level but too much Miami killed Miami.

- Santa Fortuna, Colombia:

47 in a jungle setup yay :heart:
Great level! Very impressive performance again :+1:

A perfect place to bring back the Delgado’s in the game! I loved how you’ve managed to mix a poor-looking village, a luxury mansion, and a coca field inside one level: very exciting and adds a great replay value!

Also, all these secret tunnels that link the level altogether, the stylish cartel guards, the Tatoo ink opportunity, the Hippo, the Shaman story…so much thinks that make that level huge and enjoyable even after many times of replaying it. The possibilities are endless!

Also great ways to exit: a bus, helicopter, boat, scooter…

Special mention to the Umbrella exit, too bad we can’t use it on contracts/elusive targets mode :confused:

- Mumbai, India:

Definitely one of the best HITMAN levels ever :heart:
What an impressive scale and level of details right there :open_mouth:
It almost looks like the real Mumbai :open_mouth: !

Enjoyed the stories and characters so far: the other Hitman, The Painter, Infiltrating Dawood Photoset, locating the Maelstrom through clues and the crowd, interesting way of playing :+1:

Also that density, the suburbs, the colors, the Bollywood vibe, you guys nailed it :slight_smile:

- Whittleton Creek, USA:

A New Life reborn woo :heart:
That desperate housewives-lookalike setup was pretty amazing to (re)discover :+1:

I also enjoyed the characters and stories, but also the clues who gives us another and interesting different approach than just go in and shoot.

I also liked how we cooperate with Lucas and Diana through the level.
A different but pleasant approach :slight_smile:

I loved the different houses in the game, like the one we can make one of the targets visit (with laser mines downstairs lol), Nolan’s house (full of guards and with a secured weapons room), or the one with that old lady who is a psychopath making food with people :smiley:

I also loved that story between Janus and the medic, where you are locked in a room while the guy in red coat is checking your I.D and you have few minutes to escape: great idea :smiley:

In few words: great level!

- Isle Of Sgail, North Atlantic:

Last but not least, what a beautiful way to mix modern and old in the same time :heart:

I really loved that Elitist Medieval Castle touch with modern setups within :+1:

Probably one of the hardest levels so far, but it was thrilling to discover each piece of it, and enjoying the party in the same time :slight_smile:

Also, confronting the Constant in the end was so damn good, i enjoyed escorting him to Lucas boat with his sad and surprised face through the walk :smiley:

I couldn’t imagine a better level for an Illuminati-like meeting and as a conclusion to this sequel, keep up the amazing work guys!


II) About The Game Itself (HITMAN™ 2):


Now we’ve talked about levels, lets talk about the game itself:

Where to start?
There is so much to say about that sequel.
There are good things, but also lots of bad things…

Anyway, before speaking about the bad things, let’s speak about all the good things this sequel have :blush:

- Good Things :+1:

- Amazing levels!

HITMAN™ levels have never looked so good!

Huge levels, full of details, amazing crowds and living places, it was a real pleasure to discover each of them :heart:

- Amazing graphics!

Graphics are amazing, but i don’t think it needs to be that fancy. Plus less players could afford the specs required to run the game (on pc at least).

I suggest you focusing more on improving the game itself than its graphics. I’m pretty sure everybody will be satisfied with that level of graphics, no need to make it fancier that it already is! It’s pointless and waste of ressoures, money and time that could be used on better things :+1:

- Amazing crowds!

All these NPCs on each map, some having their own routine, some discussing interesting dialogs, makes each level a real living place and greater to explore :+1:

- Great stories and scenarios!

I was afraid about the upcoming story, but you guys nailed it. Couldn’t make a better plot than that, even if the “amnesiac” part was a little big to dig in the end ^^

Still a great sequel story to HITMAN 2016, keep it up!

- Great ingame Music!

Themes are dynamic and fitting the 47 Universe.

Each level has it’s own themes, it’s own music, even for exits, it’s a great improvement: keep it up Niels! :+1:

- 47 is moving like never before!

Climb a wall, pick up an item while still running, jumping from upstairs, climbing from downstairs, punching, he can even walk and use his two arms separately now!! It’s so good to see him move so easily, makes a difference in the end for smooth and pleasant runs to watch :+1:

- Different levels, different ambiances, different contrasts :+1:

I love how you nailed the “World Of Assassination” concept by giving us plenty of levels with different atmospheres and colors, at each destination we really feel going to a different place, with different environments and densities, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

- Localized languages/accents :+1:

About time guys! Now we have much more immersion while going to each location.
No more MR. Worldwide, or much less at least :slight_smile: Keep it up!

- Different ways of completing a mission :+1:

FInding clues, locating a target in the middle of a crowd, retrieve documents, lots of different ways to achieve a mission that gives us variety and new angles of approach :+1:

- More suits than ever!

47 has never been so suited than now. Gives us freedom of choice and replayability on each level, a real pleasure to browse each level with a different outfit :slight_smile:

All these suits are cool and beautiful, 47 now has a decent collection of beautiful clothes :+1:

Also thanks for (finally) bringing back s1 suits, it would’ve been a waste to leave them behind: the more suits we have the best it is :slight_smile:

- More blending spots!

47 has now more places to blend-in: no more idling in middle of a room, now we can sit on multiple places, drink some beer or wine awaiting our target, and it feels good :slight_smile:

- Weapons displays!

We don’t have (yet) a hideout/saferoom, but there are a weapons display in almost every level, and it looks great! I also liked how some of them were secured and we could “break glasses”. I enjoyed looting all those weapons on my runs, it’s not just about killing people after all :slight_smile:

- Tranquilizer gun!

About time! 47 could sedate people from behind, but it was missing one thing: a sedative gun, and you finally made it!

Congratulations guys, even if 2 darts is definitely too short (5 would be good :+1: )

- Secret doors!

Great add-on! I enjoyed discovering all those secret doors and how you open them, also makes sense for high-profiles targets to have some secret places inside their locations :slight_smile:

- Using coins as an ingame money!

Buying soda cans, negociating the price of silk, buying a tuk-tuk exit, a great add-on to that item that i rarely use in my runs. Now it has a more valuable use :+1:

- Homing Briefcase!

What a great feature :smile:

- Grenades!

About time guys :smiley:

- Throwable items on knocked out NPCs!

You can still throw things to a KOed NPC, what a great feeling!
Please don’t change it guys :slight_smile:

- Fishslapping!

Priceless :smiley:
Another welcome addition to the game, well done guys :slight_smile:

- Hitman becomes multiplayer \O/

I’m glad to see that Hitman finally gets into the multiplayer :slight_smile:

Even if this first mode isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, it’s good to see that it’s possible to play with another player online :+1:

- Small but amazing details :heart:

If there’s one thing that Hitman is nailing, it’s the little details everywhere that make that game amazing.

For example: easter-eggs, the pitch fork that knocks out NPCs in Whittleton, people commenting on your suits, the dialogs, the little animation 47 now makes while idle, there’s so much things to see and it makes the game even greater :+1:

- EPIC Exits!

How wonderful to discover all these secret and EPIC exits through the game, a real pleasure and fun to quit the level that way :smiley:

Too bad some of them are only usable through story mode/challenges and not on Contracts/Elusive Targets mode. I hope they will fully be unlocked later, it’s so great they deserve much more visibility than that :slight_smile:

- Bad Things :-1:

Despite all HITMAN™ 2 qualities, there are lots of bad things that ruined the overall experience, and that cannot be ignored…

- A chaotic game release :open_mouth:

I don’t know how it was for you guys, but let’s say that the release of this sequel has left a bad taste in my mouth :confused:

Oh my god what a mess it was guys! I don’t know if you were aware of it, or too busy focusing on console version of the game, but the release of the game was pretty damn chaotic for some of us :open_mouth:

I dont know how it started for Hitman™ since i joined the party one year later. But here for HITMAN™ 2, as a Full Pack Owner (Early Access Collector’s Edition), let’s say that it was a very ankward experience…

-> Game released almost as a beta, without any optimization, crashing on AMD computers (WE HAD THE APPROPRIATE CONFIGURATION), overheating or eating too much RAM (even on higher configs), unstable while other games like GTA V runs like charm on Ultra settings, stuttering, lightning issues…

–> Steam launch (ruined) by a very light preload (8gb) followed by a massive download (almost 100gb for the whole pack) which led to lots of people downloading the game for two days before actually playing it…

—> Confusing “Free Demo” who was tagged as “Free Game”, which led to people unable to buy the game and massive negative reviews from testers who thought it was a scam…

----> Confusing Legacy Pack and Steam DLC system, which led some people to rebuy the game while they already owned it…

-----> And worst of that: i was able to start HITMAN™ 2 levels only TWO WEEKS AFTER RELEASE because the game wasn’t running on some AMD processors (again, we had the APPROPRIATE CONFIGURATION).

Imagine my frustration after waiting that game for months, investing 150$, downloading over 100gb for finally not being able to play the game on release because the QA department didn’t noticed that critical bug before the game going “Gold”.

And even after that, game crashing randomly which ruined my first discoveries and runs of the levels, and my pleasure in the meantime. It literally disgusted me of playing the game for weeks!!

Hopefully it has been patched quickly but still, after months of being superduper hyped it all went down in seconds after that whole mess.

Now three months later the game finally runs a bit normally, and i have the same setup as November 2018, so again the problem wasn’t my configuration but the game unoptimized at all in the beginning.

Even if most of these problems are solved for me, there’s still other players who are getting random crashes even with latest Nvidia cards and who weren’t able to enjoy the game even today, so please don’t forget them.

- A rushed development!

It’s obvious. You’re fooling no one guys. This game deserved much more time before being released!

I don’t know why you rushed the release, maybe you needed money, or maybe you estimated that the game was gold, but it’s not at all!

-> For example some animations like the briefcase, who were detailed in previous games, are now just a popup.

Even more: it’s almost the same animation as the “pre-beta” footage you kept showing everywhere, while you hinted us that it would be improved.

–> Or else we could talk about MKII placeholders, or static cutscenes, or the Legacy Pack being just a poor adaptation of the original one, the list is long sadly…

It’s not just about that, but i hope you get the idea.

- An unfinished, unpolished feeling ><

Seriously guys i’ve never played a game with that much bugs/crashes at the release.
Incredible for a supposed AAA game :open_mouth:

-> Game felt like a beta, sometimes crashing randomly (because of anything: NPCs, the Game itself, save/load, Windows), sometimes FPS dropping randomly at places while having a decent PC configuration, and sometimes the game itself going nuts (47 holding an invisible weapon, NPCs flying, killing themselves by accident, random witnesses through walls/on different levels, items being illegal while it should not, weapons/bodies disappearing on the floor,…)

A very unpleasant experience, especially for a so much anticipated sequel like that. I expected much better quality in the end.

- False advertising…

-> It’s not 6 levels but 5 levels and a tiny introduction one :frowning:
(the best of all, what a shame)
–> It’s not a Holiday surprise but a reuse of the HITMAN 2016 mission (RIP Christmas Whittleton :frowning: )
—> It’s not a Winter special but Hokkaido assets reused with some lights and snow, etc…

- Broken Game Mechanics /!)

-> Trespassing sometimes counting as spotted, sometimes not
–> NPCs still seeing through walls, different levels (a random witness far away, the guy in the other room noticing crime, …)
—> Some NPCs literally flying in the sky randomly or after being poisoned
----> Sniping mechanic completely out of control with any guards spotting you even after leaving the place unnoticed
-----> Silent Assassin rating ruined by random NPCs suiciding or killing themselves (Sapienza, Hokkaido, Mumbai, …)
------> Some doors not opening with appropriate keycards, or not opening at all
-------> Some items being illegal while it shouldn’t be (except the Cheeseburger, it’s okay for that one)
--------> 47 can blend in as a guard/in enforced places with it’s own costume
---------> Some trespassing places being suddenly legit, or some legit places being suddenly trespassing, etc…

The list is very long unfortunately :confused:

All these things makes each playthrough random and inconsistent, so a run that worked before might not work again because of that. Ruins completely the gameplay, and the enjoyment transforms into frustration and pain :frowning:

- MKII Weapons placeholders :frowning:

What a sad surprise to discover those lame, ridiculous MKII placeholders, you guys who are now reskin specialists, i thought you’d have much more imagination for MKII version of guns than just placing a sticker on it, unless you ran out of time…



A real waste of potential anyway. Let’s hope it’ll be patched soon. This game definitely needs more quality content than just a sticker on a duplicated gun :confused:

- A downgraded Legacy Pack :frowning:

Yeah you heard me. After over 400 hours of playing HITMAN 2016, the difference between the original and this new adaptation are obvious as clear water…

-> Graphical enhancement and bloom ruining Legacy Levels original beauty (Sapienza lightning, Bangkok Contrast, Paris Lights, …)
–> Texture glitches (47 new face into old Legacy costumes makes a notable difference, 47’s suits glitching, some ingame textures not as good as previous game, …)
—> NPCs bugging randomly (flying in the air, not being poisoned, doing different things than on the previous game)
----> Some challenges are also being bugged…

Sadly the Legacy Pack is just a pale copy of the original where textures are clipping, NPCs bugging or simply the level mechanics not working properly :frowning:

- Levels inconsistency :confused:

I don’t bother having smaller levels, but while all levels have a 20 Mastery, New Zealand has 5 and Whittleton have only 15, which makes the whole thing inconsistent. Maybe add more things to do on these places?

- Lame weapons/items reskins.

The potential was here. 47 can use all sorts of guns, gadgets or objects as a weapon. Unfortunately for lot of us, you just gave us multiple reskins of knives, bombs or throwable objects while we could’ve had variety of tools instead. What a shame.

- Grinding the F*CK out of the game :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I understand that you wanted to add a replayability value by giving challenges. However forcing us to make specific challenges you’ve chosen to unlock some items is anything but pleasant.

In result, instead of appreciating the work you did on those challenges, i just rushed them without even enjoying the game just to make them finished. Pretty sad in the end, even if i unlocked most of the items after hours of torture.

–> Something like “do 10 challenges of your choice to unlock this item” would be way more interesting and give us the freedom of choosing our own challenges, instead of having to grind the f*ck out of the game to get those items.

This is not “freedom”, this is forced grinding.
And i hate it (like lots of players).

- Always-online requirement!

Sadly, this sequel still remains mandatory online.
You said it’s to counter cheaters, it doesn’t work at all. It’s a fake excuse to force us to always connect.

And when we play offline, we get the strict minimal.
Pretty annoying for game that plays mostly solo.

The only positive things about that here is the ability to update the game live with improvements or new content, and giving you statistics that can be useful for further development.

Also, i understand that you wanted to protect your game with Denuvo. But let’s be honest for a second, it didn’t do shit! The game itself was cracked before release, you wasted money here while it could’ve been used on better things…

- Season 1 progress not transferring into Hitman™ 2.

All those hundreds of hours grinding items, mastering the levels, to finally keep NOTHING AT ALL for this sequel, it’s a waste and disgusts me of redoing it again.

You said it wasn’t possible to transfer, but someone on Reddit proved it was possible. So why lying to us?

You think we wouldn’t play your game even if we kept our progress from previous games? This is just ridiculous and annoying.

- PC players being neglected :expressionless:

The menu, the commands, the game itself, everything looks like it’s been optimized for a console player…

It’s like you’ve forgotten how videogames are made.

Latest example would be the new inventory menu: you added tabs, which is great, but the only way to browse tabs is with a controller. What if i play with a Keyboard and a Mouse, like 75% of PC gamers?

Please don’t treat us like that anymore thanks.

- QA Department On Ghost Mode :ghost:

It’s not even new. Since HITMAN 2016 lots of issues have been addressed and it seems like your QA department is not even doing his job properly, or just completely ignoring the major issues that has been there since years.

In result you’re constantly fixing things and others are getting broken in the process. Maybe it’s time to hire competent people?

- Weird updates o_O

You change the guns colors, remove perks, then you “fix” it.
You fix a broken mechanic, three other mechanics are broken on the way. And FOR ONCE we asked not to fix something, aka the Homing Briefcase, you fix it anyway -_-

It’s like you’re trolling us or you don’t even know what you are doing! Very ankward ways of fixing issues…

- Fixing the Homing Briefcase :persevere:

Why guys, WHY!
It was one of the best things that happened with that sequel and you just removed the fun out of it. It was the LEAST thing to fix, we even asked to NOT FIX IT, and you still fixed it. WHY?

I don’t understand some of your decisions, why removing such a funny thing that was so acclaimed by fans? Do you enjoy see them being sad and tearing apart?

Hitman isn’t only about realism anyway, so please keep it as it was, at least for one of the briefcases :+1:

- ICA Blackballer (Black Lilly) being a simple reskinned gun :frowning:

Sad to see that one of the best Hitman guns gets nothing but a simple black skin.No steady aim, no particular design, just another gun in a list.

Too bad since it’s a Collector’s Edition reward :frowning:

- Ghost Mode is nothing but a race in the end :confused:

Sadly, the Ghost Mode isn’t what i was really expecting for a multiplayer mode, as it completely breaks the way of playing the game: no more planning, taking your time to kill the target, now it’s just a race between two guys.

However, this first multiplayer introduction gives us an idea of what is possible to achieve with these new Hitman games, let’s hope there will be different modes so we can play on our rythm, without being stressed by countdowns or opponent killing targets randomly and forcing you to speed up.

- Enemies perfectly shooting through the crowds!

Enemies can aim at you perfectly from any position and through
crowd NPCs while they’re not taking any damage, pretty immersion breaking and all but interesting if you playing gunfights.

- Can’t pass frisk if holding an illegal item ><

Like WTF guys! I know it’s unpleasant for noob players, but seriously why?

A Hitman knows where is the danger, you don’t have to hold our hands everytime there is a stressing situation! I mean c’mon! What’s the point of being frisked if we can’t get through anyway?

–> Hold the hand for casual players, but leave us the FREEDOM OF APPROACH for us, regular players!
a.k.a bring back the original frisk.

- A great story…ruined by it’s lame cutscenes :frowning:

In any other videogame, not having any cutscenes but a powerpoint slideshow woul’ve been a NO GO for me. Just inacceptable for an AAA 2018 game who runs latest RTX cards.


Since you’ve had a breakdown with Square Enix i guess you had to cut some parts onto budget, which makes sense.

Also, despite the fact that the cinematics are the worst ever in any Hitman game, the game itself still shines by bringing us a great and satisfying sandbox experience.

However still, if you didn’t had the time or budget to add proper cinematics like the 2016 game, you could’ve at least bring animated ingame cutscenes, i woul’dve been satisfied enough with it.

But THAT, in it’s current state, just ruins the whole story and immersion for me. I hope you’ll be able to give this sequel decent cutscenes in a near future, this game deserves much more than some Max Payne lookalike cinematics, if we can call them like that anymore…

A big waste since the rendering is pretty good anyway :confused:

- A shady, ultrasecretive marketing campaign…

I’m sad that you didn’t even warned us about all those missing things in the game, about it being internet exclusive and not having much gameplay elements added despite PiP or Mirrors and Foliage…that could explain all that secrecy marketing and all these ignored message that people kept posting everywhere on social medias to your attention.

I would’ve preffered if you announced all this mess before release, and i’d still have bought the game anyway. But unfolding all this by myself has left a pretty bad feeling onto me, and my trust level has been lowered like never before.

I’ve bought the Collector’s Edition as a huge fan and mostly to support your studio after the SE breakdown, to keep up that awesome game growing up potentially becoming the Best Hitman Ever Made.

That’s why (for the second time of my life after GTA V) i’ve preordered the full game at high cost blindly.

I knew it wouldn’t be the ultimate game we are all expecting. I knew it would be more an add-on to the first game than a real evolution of the engine.

I don’t regret buying this sequel, you also gave us an amazing Collector’s Edition! (even if it was also a mess to activate since it had false codes)

I just regret how things went so bad for a so much expected sequel as this one and i’m very worried about the future of the franchise :confused:


III) Conclusion:

I think i’ve listed my essential First Impressions, even if i’m sure i’m missing a lot of things.

HITMAN™ 2 had the potential to be greater than it’s predecessor. But in it’s current state we’re far away from the quality and polish of HITMAN 2016. Let’s hope regular updates will give this sequel the treatment it deserves to maybe become someday the legitimate successor of HITMAN 2016 and so, we can keep on moving on a step further.

Unfortunately after waiting that game for months, and seeing the result in the end, my big hype quickly turned into hate. I was used to play HITMAN everyday, it was one of my favourite games. Now with HITMAN™ 2 i’m just playing it once in a month, if i’m in the mood and if it doesn’t crash or breaks during my gameplay.

If i had to resume HITMAN™ 2 with one picture, that would be that one:

HITMAN™ is beautiful, got fancy graphics, a big marketing campaign full of promises, but all of this was only hiding the fig leaf that is this sequel.

It is obvious that 2.0 of HITMAN™ isn’t yet the ultimate experience. Too much bugs, too much things that don’t work or display properly. Adding new mechanics or new content will just add more things to fix, and risk the game breaking more than actually.

I suggest you to start focusing on a new engine for HITMAN™ 3 that will fix all this mess and let you add new mechanics/animations without breaking all your previous work.

And more important of it all: TAKE YOUR GODDAMN TIME!!
You don’t make a Hitman game within one year unless you want to keep fixing things, it definitely deserves MUCH MORE TIME!

Actual rating: 15/20

This is not a final review, but my Early Impressions of the game. My final review will come later, as the final version of the game will be released. So my opinion might change depending on which direction this sequel will go in the next months.

Thank you for reading me, and please do not take this personally. I’m not here to uselessly cry/bitch about anything, i’m just a huge fan of the franchise who is worried to see how messy and broken the game is starting to look after all the hard work you’ve put into after Absolution to give the franchise a better looking and enjoyment.

I hope you won’t ignore my concerns (which are also other nerd’s concerns) and that you will do what is necessary to give HITMAN™ 2 and his next installments the quality it deserves.

Thanks again for reading me, and caring.
Cheers from a huge (but disappointed atm) fan!


I don’t really think 4 months after release counts as ‘first impressions’ :stuck_out_tongue: By now I have 308hrs down!


Over 200 hours played here :blush:

Yeah i’m a little late to the party sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

But there’s so much things to say about that game that i wanted to make things well :slight_smile:


What about the expansion pack, has anybody tried it yet? I wonder if it’s worth $40 …?


No missions of Expansion Pass have been released yet


But couple of suits were thrown already.
They are good, I would’ve bought EP only for Midnight Black Suit :slight_smile:


You should put the text like this so it’s organised better and becomes smoother and easier to read and keep track of what topic you’re at.

Levels Impressions

Hawkes bay



Impressions/features about the game

Good things

Bad things



Game release


I’ve made it to 1/3 of your post and it’s difficult and confusing to keep track of the topics.
With putting text in topics and being able hide/show the text of the topic (as shown with the example above), it becomes much more easier to read and keep up with the post.

An example of how I made this post when copying the latest roadmap so you get a better understanding of what I mean.

I’m sure others would also agree with me that it becomes much smoother to read and keep track of what topic you’re at.
Or maybe it’s just me that it makes it more appealing and easier for the eyes to read.


Can you please elaborate this further how?

What does this even mean, are you saying you’re sad they didn’t ‘warn’ you of UNANNOUNCED gameplay elements? Literally all the things you mentioned (foliage, PiP) are in the game. I don’t want to be come off rude but expecting imaginary features is your own loss. Let’s say you’re saying there are less gameplay elements in the game, how is IO supposed to ‘warn’ that?

Can you provide even one instance of this?


Excellent! I’ll try to edit the post or else i will use it for my next review thanks :+1:


Excellent stuff, about as expansive as a review could get, I see you’ve put a lot of time into it. I was smirking and agreeing with your ‘good’ listings and infuriatingly agreeing with the ‘bad’ - a very solid installment at times marred by lots of technical issues and not enough development time is how I’d rate it. Good, not great.


Thanks. I hope the devs will read it carefully and understand most players concerns (at least on PC) :+1:


Very good review.

I’d agree that it’s a good sequel and offers more of what we loved of the original, but in this early period of release, yes, there are a fair amount of bugs that shouldn’t be here and unfortunately break quite a few key elements of the game. But, I can live with them. I like it because it offers more of what I liked in Season 1 (and better executes it – there are fewer lackluster, small levels) I think they’ll have the bugs patched out eventually.

But this…?

I believe you’ve mentioned this before, but even now with the explanation given it speaks for itself. There’s no secret malice behind IO’s marketing of the game, nor an intent to deceive you as a returning player looking for something more.
They aren’t lying to us. You’re looking for something that clearly isn’t there.

  • IO didn’t lie that this game wasn’t able to be played offline.
    In fact, I don’t think they ever addressed that issue at all.
    Either way, considering your knowledge of the previous game, it was a given that this too would be an always-online server experience. It’s clearly built upon the framework of the last game, only the release was all at once rather than episodic.

  • IO didn’t omit the fact that there weren’t many other improvements than the PiP and Mirrors.
    You’re just looking for something that literally isn’t there. If there was more to show, if there was more that they added subtlstantially, then they would have mentioned it.
    Granted, having things like “mirrors that work” is a pretty weird thing to tout as game-changing, but they really didn’t have that much to work with, IMO. It’s just more of the same and that’s what we kind of expected.

  • IO or WB never misled you into pre-ordering or paying full price for the game
    That’s on you. That’s really all on you.
    Yes, it’s a shame that the game has more bugs than it should, and yeah it’s not some big innovation in the HITMAN formula, but what we got is what we were shown. If you feel like you didn’t get that, or got something other than what you hoped it would be, then that’s because you didn’t play the patience game and waited to do more research on the game when it released. You put blind faith into something the moment you were avaliable to do so (i.e.: buy the game). You did that.