HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions[SPOILERS!]


I love it, I mean I still prefer Hitman 2016 over this one, but it’s good in it’s own right, only thing that confuses me out of everything is the Washington sisters, they’re very lacklustre and just seem to be thrown in there, I mean, are they over or under the constant and what’s with the kill switch, what does it do? Does it kill the constant or is it for something else? Some story aspects need to be better explained and for Hit man 3 they need to go back to actual videos like 2016 and not slow moving still images like in H2


Do you mean as a target or do you mean as a story element? Because they actually work very well as targets, there’s a decent amount of development in the level itself and I think the sassy power twin thing works very well


Got Hitman 2 for Xmas so my review is a little late, but I guess better late than never! :wink: Just finished the story today. All I can say is WOW!!! IO Interactive did a terrific job with the game. Loved all the levels, Columbia and Whittleton Creek are definitely my favourite!!

Story was great, couldn’t believe the ending!! :wink:

By far the best Hitman I’ve played!!! Thanks again @Travis_IOI @Nick_IO @Clemens_IOI @ioi_christianco you guys did great!!!


in the cutscene before the mission, you clearly see the constant inject the poison chip in his body. the kill switch that the washington sisters have, activates the poison chip


Why is it that I feel like HITMAN 2 parallels the first game’s level design a bit too much? Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just that it all looks similar in scope. I may be stretching things here a bit but…

ICA Facility=Hawke’s Bay
A tiny, introductory location meant to ease the player into the mechanics of the game.

A grand public event that focuses on a hierarchy of disguises and access levels.

The waterside town with distinct and different key areas. Most notably, a mansion and an underground lab.

A level that goes big with a densely packed market/slums. Also very yellow in hue.

They cut the fat of the formula. Good.

Colorado=Whittleton Creek
The good ol’ US of A. A small and flat but dense level focused on an average inconspicuous area turned into a secure and hostile place from a large militaristic force.

Hokkaido=Isle of Sgail
A small and dense level that harkens back to the first level’s hierarchy of access, but split into two differing areas. The plot and characters revolve around the rich and powerful and the high-class, exclusive location they inhabit.

The difference is that HITMAN 2 seems to go much bigger in its levels, even improving upon the previous season’s episodes failings. [Mumbai>Marrakesh. WhittC>Colorado]


idk, it’s kind of a stretch. obviously the same map team(s) from 2016 are gonna have the same design philosophies in H2. but in concept, everything can be similar if you think about it.

Paris and Sgail are pretty similar. both have artifacts being shown off. both have some big performance. both have secret events happening in the upper levels.

stuff like this :woman_shrugging:


I think these comparisons are too superficial, for the most part. At any rate, the gameplay puzzle each mission has you solving is significantly different than whatever thematic or setting similarities may suggest.

Just for example: Paris is a level all about verticality, emphasized by the fact that one target never leaves the ground floor, and the other is always on the top. Gradually you learn that adopting disguises isn’t the only way to make your way upstairs, with pipes and ledges to climb. It’s closest analogue in either season is actually Bangkok, which utilizes a very similar conceit. Sgail is the H2 comparison in my mind, with all the climbing and ledge crawling available to you, but there’s a lot less symmetry to the design and the targets aren’t so rigid in their pathing.