Hitman 2 Free-cam finally possible (Nvidia-only)

Thanks to the efforts of /u/PascalTheAnalyst . /u/HMBM47 . and /u/StabbysAltAcct and their powers combined, as long as you have a PC copy of Hitman, an Nvidia Ansel supported card, and Cheat Engine, you can now record your own free-camera machinimas!

Ansel Unlocker

Ansel Noclip & Time Unfreezer

Inside those links are the scripts and cheat tables you need to get all this to work, which you then can combine into one cheat table, otherwise I have a combined file below:

DOWNLOAD for the cheat table with all 3 of the mods installed. Just attach Cheat Engine to Hitman 2, check the Ansel No Collision and Unlock Ansel boxes, and from there you can press F5 and F6 to unpause and pause the game respectively when using Ansel.

With this I expect you all to create wonderful fan videos and custom made videos for your contracts!

Here’s an example of what you can make

And one more

Have fun!


Even cooler videos from @Urben incoming


Ooooh shit, can’t wait for what BedBananas comes up with now, with this! :star_struck:


fuuuuck yeaaaaaaah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii



I even considered today to reinstall H2016 to make slowmo sequences if I need them.


Oh my lord yes! YESSS

Pity about needing the cheat engine program running every time you load up, but I guess this is worth it now


Excellent :+1:
Congrats to the guys who enabled this!


Just tried it, it’s beautiful; the main problem for me though is the camera movement speed is way too fast, I can’t go at the same speed as NPCs walking

Also, is there any way to have Cheat engine launch on startup and put these cheats in so I don’t even need to click anything? Is there also some way to make it go to the taskbar in the corner so it doesn’t clog up space in my main bar?


I just learned something disturbing… if you click unpause even once, then the game will not pause again

This means when you go into your inventory the game is still moving etc… so probably only put this cheat thing on if you’re specifically intending to make a video :S

It seems to only go back to the normal pause cycle after you hit escape a few times


Holding down ctrl i got the speed to a fraction slower than NPCs, So still no perfect tracking shots, just close.


Great work, really this is awesome!

In the future, if is possibile of course, can you try to create something that prevents any movements of 47? Because right now if I use a controller with Ansel, 47 moves together with the camera. This is a problem, because depends where 47 is located, I could even trespass some areas and get killed.

Anyway thanks again, I really appreciate your work :slight_smile:

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Wait, you can move around while in Ansel mode??

I wonder if you can with a keyboard but I just never bothered to try, that’s even better if so

EDIT: Ah nope, it just moves the camera, duh. Still though, being able to move 47 during Ansel mode is pretty cool, could make much better movies

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As I said yes you can move him if you use a controller (ps4 or xbox). The problem is that when you move 47, the camera moves to and is almost impossible create scenes with him when is walking.

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This is a godsend! Now even Inventory and Map won’t pause the game, which sort of reminds me of the old titles. :smile:


To get it to go back to normal, click Escape, then put freeze back on, and when you hit Esc again to get back into the game it will send the unfreeze signal and put everything back to normal

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I don’t know what your talking about but I was using CT @cake941 shared to pause/unpause the game. Is that a hex-editing approach your getting at?

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Nope, I thought you were saying it was a problem that once you hit unfreeze manually, the game stays unfrozen through inventory and pause screen etc; was offering a solution on how to revert it.

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Oh I already know how to unfreeze it but thanks anyway. I just wanna say I wouldn’t mind keeping the game unfrozen while playing.

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I just can’t figure it out, how to make 47 to move…

(I opened ansel, pressed f6, and the game was lively as ever. However, I couldn’t control 47…)

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Again I use a PS4 Controller. When I move the analog sticks, camera and 47 moves together.

Right now is impossible to control 47 and camera. We need separate keybindings in order to do something with 47. (Like the Camera Hack made for Hitman 2016)

With the LEFT Stick you move the Ansel camera and 47 at the same time. With the Right Stick you rotate the Ansel Camera and 47. You will understand better if you managed to try it.

EDIT: I made another video to let you understand what happens