Hitman 2 game crashing

PC Version keeps crashing halfway through first mission with no crash report. Game is able to run on Mac settings. Running i9-990, GTX2080, 64mb RAM. Any ideas?

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That said the crash is likely caused by 0x80000003 error. It’s a known problem and there isn’t a fix, both IO and Nvidia is working on a solution. That said a fix that works for many is switching to DX12.

Hope this helps.


Thanks I’ll give it a go

You want to be using DX12 anyway with a turing card.

I am running DX12 but still crashing. So annoying.

I get rare crashes on loading screens with the latest nVidia drivers but not during gameplay using DX12. It really is an nVidia issue, IOI can only do so much.

I would say it’s a mutual issue

Surely blame on both sides, yeah. I’m just saying the issues definitely seem centered around nVidia’s drivers and a lack of being able to adapt them to the engine better.

But they managed to cooperate in H2016 game…
At least with me: I never ever experienced even one crash for the time I been playing this game

That’s not true. I started playing Hitman Season 1 when it came out, and what brought about the game crashes was the IOI updates, not the nvidia drivers. They would constantly screw up either the Dx 11 or Dx 12 performance, such that after every update - I would have to benchmark both to see which gave me a better framerate and performance, and half the time I’ve have to switch DX version after each update.

Hitman Season 2 I bought early release and enjoyed playing 40 hours on it without a single crash for 6 solid weeks (despite Hitman Season 1 being PLAGUED with crashes for me for over a year). Once IO brought out the mid-december update, the game has been plagued with CTD errors ever since. The problem lies squarely with IOI and they need to get off their arses and fix it - it’s been 10 months since the games release.

It seems every single update they’ve done for the last year almost has caused more and more people to crash to desktop. Never had this problem with a Hitman game until Season 1.

I think one reason it hasn’t been fixed yet is because DX12 fixes it for the vast majority of people (IOI even say this in their patch notes). So there’s probably less sense of urgency than there would be if that wasn’t the case. I’m assuming DX12 doesn’t fix it for you, which sucks.

I’ll admit I haven’t extensively tested Directx 12, but refuse to use it because I get half the frame rate as I do in Directx 11.

This type of crap should have been tested for months before even being released to the public. They did the same damn thing with Hitman Season 1 and although I don’t think they promised Directx 12 when it was first released, it was rather shoddy to not include it when it was used in the Hitman 2 Sniper mission 6 months before the full game was released… only to ship the full game without Dx12.

Ah, bummer. On a 2000 series GPU it actually tuns better, but I know that’s not true of older cards. I didn’t think it was that bad though! Sorry dude.

I have 2x 980 Ti’s. You’d think that would be more than enough to handle the game. I also have:
Intel Core i7 7700K Kabylake 4.2GHz
ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero
G.Skill 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 Trident Z 3200MHz

My computer ain’t a potato, so I doubt it’s to blame.

I didn’t say it was a potato? I didn’t say it was to blame for the crashing? I said older cards don’t perform as well with DX12 as the turing cards do. Which is factually accurate. :man_shrugging:

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@epic_piano What error code do you have ? (look in Windows Event Viewer)

For 0x800000003 :

I know - and I apologise. I didn’t mean to infer that you implied it… but that seems to be the knee-jerk reaction I get from other people I have discussed it with.

Yes, the 0x80000… is the error when it crashes to desktop, and it does crash to desktop with Dx12 as well unfortunately. I’ve tried the Vulkan fix and that was even worse - game wouldn’t even open.

You’re very unlucky, if you have 0x80000 with both DX11/DX12, and DXVK doesn’t work on your computer…

I advise you to stop playing this game, IO can’t figure how to fix this with some configurations.

Very frustrating outcome…
I wouldn’t want somebody to face this…

I understand man, I’ve been there with PC games having frustrating issues you can’t fix. I couldn’t get Call of Duty Advanced Warfare to stop stuttering constantly to save my life. Random rigs just have random problems that the fixes most are satisfied by don’t fix. It’s a bummer, I wish you luck with the next patch/driver.