Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


IO just announced the newest “Ghost” Gamemode on their newest stream. Video can be viewed by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckuFOr5U5zY

“Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to face off against another assassin? Same starting point, same starting time, same starting targets. In Ghost Mode the first player with five eliminations is the winner! Targets are randomly selected every time so no duel will be the same. Since you start off with no equipment you’ll need to improvise. Find Ghost Crates and grab disguises as you go. If your opponent scores a kill you’ll have limited time to react. Will you risk blowing your cover? Be careful, a spotted kill does not count. In Ghost Mode you’re in separate realities so a messy chaotic approach on your end does not affect your opponent. On the contrary, when you’re cleaning up on your end your opponent can slip away like a Ghost. Be cunning, be creative, be ruthless. Good luck!”

This thread here is for discussion of the mode both before and after release, and where Ghost Mode games can be arranged if we can play it with multiple people. We’ll have to know more about it, but if not this is where Ghost Mode runs can be posted.

Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)

Interesting Concept :slight_smile:

That 20 seconds restriction tho…i’m just afraid it’ll encourage people to speedrun :confused:

I hope there will be Ghost Mode variations…

What about giving us all the targets at start without timing restrictions and the one with best score/kills wins?

What about the “16 player assassination race”?
It is another mode or an expansion of that one?

Can’t wait to try it myself anyway :blush:

Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)

Probably the same or they changed it to Ghost Mode.



How is a 16 person race the same as this 1-on-1 race mode?


The same as in, Ghost mode is Assassination race because Assassination race is no more.


It looks cool even though I don’t really understand how it works exactly.


Is nothing yet to suggest Assassination Race has been scrapped.


Same starting point, no equipment, same 5 random targets on the map, the first one to eliminate them wins. Spotted kills don’t count.



I’m surprised some stupid journalist didn’t release their videos early tbh…





Do you know why I sunk over 500 hours into Hitman 2016? It was because a close friend and I would hop on discord, sync up our level, then race to see who could get it done first. LITERALLY THIS. And now they’ve turned it into a real mode? Absolutely positively tremendous. Best thing out of the Hitman franchise ever. I am so, so, SOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly psyched for this!!!


Course not, I was just making an assumption.


Would be cool to be able to make custom contracts for this mode.


Well it looks like IO has given up the GHOST on this mode (I am not sorry and I have no shame)


This looks fantastic!
Though… is this max 16 players per game?
It looks 1 v 1, which would still be a lot of fun. But is “Assassination Race” still a thing, or did the concept evolve into this?
Either way, you can all thank me and @Bending_Cheese67 for starting this /s


Looks very interesting.Definitely excited for this


Can we literally get Ghosted in this mode?


Sweet. I wonder if this can be played with random people (assuming if Ghost Mode is only 2-Player).
If not then I hope I can find some friends to play with.


Yeah a “Player 2” autojoin/lobby feature would be welcome.
Will avoid spending hours seeking for a guy to play with…


Well, if assassination race still a thing, I think it could be use same scheme from ghost mode but (for example) there could be more targets, more players and if somebody eliminate one of the targets first, it’ll disappear for everybody (elusive style, why not).