Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD

That was fun :slight_smile:
Thank you for playing along and endured so much time

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1303 jeez do you do anything else in your freetime?

All my time is free, so yes, I have something to do besides the game :slight_smile:

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You sound like a mom or dad. .__.’

1500+ hours in a game that came out 7 months ago is a lot

What do you do? I don’t know how old you are or anything.

A Pic from MisterKiller’s steam. Wtf


Good set of matches tonight, @misterkiller

I don’t know how you manage to be so quick in the Delgado mansion! Every time I try to be fast, I get spotted and end up shot by the entire cartel…

Around 4392 hours passed since the release of hitman 2…
4392-1955= 2437 hours lets say he sleeps 8 hours everyday 4392-1/3=2928-1955=937hours didnt add an 8 hour job

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Practice, my man :slight_smile:
To be honest, sometimes I myself do not realize why I’m going out unspotted, but it turns out works somehow :slight_smile:
I have some secret tactics, but it’s not something special. Anyone can figure it out.

As for shooting with cartel, it was my issue at the start, but now I just learnt the targets and their routes and trying to do my best remain unspotted. But sometimes it fails me.
Then I just go shoot everyone without taking care of the score, just having fun

Added you on steam, i wanna see how good you are

I think you about right in your maths. But I haven’t a ‘regular’ job

I was wondering who added me. We can play, for no doubt.
But as some say: expect no mercy :slight_smile:

I’m not considering myself good, that’s why I don’t participate in tournaments, but maybe I should, who knows

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That i whould like to see aswell what 2000hours can do

  • “no regular job” misterkiller pornstar confirmed

Oh, that’s true … dang.


Edit: 3 Matches so far, i won 2.

Edit: 5 Matches, I won 2.

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Only 2? I wasn’t counting, but still, you’re good

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@Hardware vs @IvanTheRysavy
Winner faces @GuLe at semifinal

This is a best out of 3
Match 1: Skuzol wins 5 - 4.
Match 2: Hardware wins 5 - 3.
Match 3: Hardware wins 5 - 3.

Hardware will go on to face GuLe in the semifinal


We will probably play this sunday. I will stream on my youtube channel.


I have 0 idea if there is a GM suggestion thread here but i whould really like to suggest a nerf to ghost mode

I experienced a lot of times a loss in GM because of my opponet respawning closer to the target than i am i first thought that this was just pure luck on my opponets side but after this happening multiple times to me i started doing some testing and figured out that if a player dies while a GM Target is spawned in the map (example mark chase) that player will allways respawn +/- 80 Meters away

This makes dying an legit strategy wich i dont think it should be
I think this was made so that the respawning player doesnt have 0 chance for a comeback since he has no items etc but dying should be something that you get punished for i know that you lose your items but sometimes if you dont have too much rare items on you or it is the last kill dying becomes a legit good strategy if the target spawns far away wich it shouldnt sneaking through the map avoiding getting shot or even killing themselfs on purpose

Ye i know this post is a mess i hope it wasnt too hard to understand but yeah for now dying is a strategy
My solutions whould be either :

  • The Players spawns 3/4 of the distance that the other player is away from the target instead of the 80 m this is a good nerf could still be abused tho
  • Or Add some delay to respawning till the other player gets in range
  • This one is probably the most harsh one but maybe loosing a point for dying and spawning the same distance from the target as the other player is

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@GuLe vs Me for Ghost Mode May Tournament semifinal in 2 hours (10PM CEST).

I will stream on my youtube channel.

Rules : All matches are best of 3 with first map being Miami, second Santa Fortuna, third random (random number chosen from the steam chat, 1 = Miami, 2 = SF).