Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


You could go to the other side of the map then you have an advantage to kill an upcoming target in your area.


I think that change is related to Ghost mode, making it so that players can’t slow time down whenever they want to due to having to synchronize stuff for both players.

Also, changing the inventory so it doesn’t fill up the entire screen seems to be related to Ghost mode as well, as the inventory doesn’t pause time in that mode.


Ghost Mode is a blast! Though match making takes quite long.
But it’s early access so that’s no wonder.


Perhaps we should make a Ghost Mode matchmaking thread for people who want to find specific competitors without waiting through the whole random matchmaking process.


Just use this thread.


Or… That.

Right. :sweat_smile:


Just played a few rounds of ghost mode, having a blast with it so far. My Miami mastery will be greatly outpacing my mastery in all other locations.


If anyone plays on Xbox One and wants to compete, you can hit me up. My gamertag is Wesk89.

I found people rage quit often. That sucks.


I don’t think I’ve gotten one unnoticed kill… What is the timer? Maybe I’m just not doing it right.

Also do you get mastery for just doing it? Or do you have to win?


Won my first match with only unnoticed kills :smiley:

Uh I think 10s or something. Don’t be seen during the kill and don’t let the body be spotted in that time. Just like in regular missions.

You get a bit Miami mastery but that doesn’t help in the mode itself. You still start with close to nothing, to keep it fair.


Oh geez. I guess the person I was playing against was just awesome then cus I didn’t even have a chance.


A match can’t be won without noticed kills anyway or am I forgetting something? :neutral_face:


I meant I was not spotted a single time. If otherwise one still could win.


Yeah, of course! Totally misread your post, sorry. :slight_smile:


They gotta add a penalty if you leave the game hueheuheuhe, most people ragequit when losing.

As you can see in my 4K 60fps strim from yesterday


Wow. Sore freaking losers.

The whole point of the mode is to eliminate the target, and the intensity of going for your target to get a point/catch up is what I think is the best part. (haven’t played GM yet so I haven’t experienced it first-hand, but watching footage of it makes it looks fun regardless of if you’re the winner or loser)


That’s just bad sport. Someone did the same to me on my third match when I had a 3-0 lead. Yes losing sucks, but at least spare a few minutes and wait until the opponent has won.

Edit: Lost my second game due to my own stupidity. Was in the lead and killed a guard. Twice. :roll_eyes:


Yup. I love Ghost Mode.
The kill counted by the way. Lost in the end 3 to 5 though.


So… Anyone managed the freakishly hard “Kill 5 targets in accidents” challenge yet? Any tips???

Damn nerfed FEs. :joy:


I can see why, I got matched against you last night and you utterly thrashed me. Still so much I need to learn about Miami.