Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


probably just play with a friend and gather all the propane flasks in the map


I tried propane and it just KO’d… :confused:


propanes just KO? I thought they were gonna remain lethal :frowning:


wait what? propane is lethal. im sure thrision just placed the explosive too far


Does it only KO if they’re a certain distance from the tank?


yeah, like every explosive in H2 lol


Haven’t really played with the explosives yet, other than nailing a guy in the head in Ghost Mode with Nitrocylerin.

Fun times.



Also, do you have to kill them in a row? If not you may consider killing a target who’s in bad location for an accident kill and then lure an NPC to it, so that the body is found. That way you get a new target without receiving a point.


Did the No KO Challenge.

Gonna try the accidents one next, I played one match where I did 4 Fall kills and 1 Drowning and it didn’t give me the challenge, not sure why huehuehuehue.

Also I tried to get an SA win and found that you can’t get 5 stars in this mode, maximum is 4, my theory is that you can’t get the “Objectives Completed” star since the target keeps spawning even after you win.


Yo, add me on PS4 to play, i never find anyone :confused:



I grinded so much on the 5 accidents challenge. I give up. I will wait for a map like mumbai instead.
Tip; find gear first like proximity taser and ematic syringe, and trap them with water/ematic is good in the garage/underpasses, he goes to the toilet


I got up to three accidents in a match some routes are pretty easy to do accidents in like the Kronstadt place where Sierra goes after the race (when losing) or the hotel.

It’s a chore nonetheless. Especially when the other guy / gal is rage quitting.


Anyone on the Xbox having issues staying in a match?

Three times now I’ve been booted back to the menu due to a poor connection. Other MP games work find, so it’s not on my end. I was winning each time, but one of them was after the first point. So, I don’t think it’s due to rage quits.


Got them all but wasn’t recording the Accidents only run hueheuheu, it wasn’t that interesting though, I’ll try to get a better one, for now I can confirm that if you kill one of the targets in something that isn’t an accident and his body gets seen (canceling that point) it will not ruin the challenge, as long as your scored points were accident kills that’s all that matters.


Nice thanks for the tip


How did you guys do explosive kills? I’m on PS4 and I found that all of the explosives do no damage to the target


I ended up getting the challenge not long after that post. lul.

I got it by simply subduing them and then dumping the bodies over the nearest railing/elevator shaft/into the ocean. There’s very few places the targets spawn/route that don’t have some sort of spot nearby you can dump kill.

I just found the nitroglycerin and threw it at his head and hid the body before it was found to get the challenge, since it only has to be the last kill. It also spawns Remote Explosive Duck, the ICA Phone, Propane Tanks and Remote Explosives into the crates that can be used in an explosion kill.


Thanks for your tips. Are you on PS4 too?
I found that my target is immune to explosive damage. I’ve tried both duck and ICA phone. Target picked it up and it exploded, but it doesn’t seems to work


Can’t wait to get beaten by 14 years old russian that already has 870 hours, becuase he does not have to go to work or have a live.



I actually had that issue too with the remote duck and the propane tank, but I assumed that it was either a one-off glitch, or because I had bugged the match because I used a bug to force Ghost Mode into Casual difficulty (which it apparently shouldn’t be playable in) to make challenge life easier by removing the cameras.