Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


Sadly for me it still doesn’t work.
No matter I restarted the game or switchde back to professionl difficulty, all explosions are always non-lethal.
Explosion kill is the last ghost mode challenge for me. Maybe I can only wait for a fix.


You’d rather run into people who gun everyone down and then leave the game after a few minutes.
At least that’s the common thing I encountered.



Why add ANY kind of MP even?

I’d rather have mods, (mostly to fix bugs) than any amount of ranks.

And if there absolutely has to be MP, go with Co-op. 47 IS A CLONE ffs =D Why not use it in a fun way? Maybe that’s what ghost mode started as? and then in turned out that it was either too technically demanding, or that people are jerks and ruin other’s fun as you mentioned.


Plus you have to worry about the whole “keyboard/mouse versus controller” argument again, though XBox is adding support for them very soon.


I can’t imagine it being too bad for Ghost Mode though. Only if both players have four points and the mouse and keyboard guy really is faster.
If the framerate isn’t high enough mouse and keyboard don’t do anything to make one a better player. So … yeah.
I hope not many have One X’s and that IO is not implementing mouse and keyboard support for HITMAN 2.


An Accident Only run, got rekt at the beginning though huehueheuhe.


good god this game mode is so addictive. too bad every single opponent i play against rage quits when it’s 2-0


Do u automatically start with 3 coins now? It wasnt like that last time I played


The non target kills doesn’t affect your rating ?


Every non-target kill substracts 1 point from your score, but you can’t go below 0, so killing is the best way to get rid of NPCs when you’re at 0.


I only have the challenge “5 accidents and win” left. Its so frustrating lol. I gave up


Can you matchmake with specific opponents when starting a game if you have a friend who is playing the game at the same time as you?

Thinking that the best way to get the challenges might be to play against a friend who will stand back and let you do your thing for the challenges, and then you can reciprocate for them.


You can either find opponent or invite a friend


Sorted then. I imagine the friendly community at HMF will be up for a bit of mutual back scratching by arrangement in this thread. #IbelieveinyouHMF


Add me if u have ps4, we can go for SA run. Ibbzz040


Damn, they need to fix that … somehow.
I thought it went like this before I read your post:
I have 0 points, I kill an NPC, I do an unnoticed kill, I don’t get a point because I killed an NPC.


PC, I’m afraid.


I found the same thing on PC and reported it in the bug thread. One time the target had my ducky in his pocket and I blew it up, having 0 impact on the target other than startling him. Another time I threw the ducky under a car and blew it just as he walked by - same result. Haven’t tried any other explosives yet.

I actually don’t mind it as a meta strategy that emerges – killing non-targets when you have 0 points. Keeps things interesting and gives you a slight advantage if you haven’t scored yet but your opponent has.


Ok just a had weird game. Was 2-1 behind (because of my own stupidity, again) when the next target appeared on one of the Race Marshall bridges. Lured the target away from the other NPCs and killed him. I assumed the other guy would do the same, since it was an easy target. Instead he runs to a nearby crate, grabs a sniper a shots the target. Could’ve actually worked, but unfortunately for him the kill gets noticed. Then suddenly it’s 2-0 for me and he quits.

I guess he was killing the two Race Marshalls. But why? :confused:


I think part of the reason that people quit is that the matches go on for far too long. I suggest they be out of three points instead of five. (Or have this be customizable.)