Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


I never had the impression that a match takes that long. Usually it’s over after 5-7 targets and maybe 15-20 minutes.


Sure, but I think that’s too long. Ten minute matches would be a better goal IMO. And knowing that you can’t be down by more than two would mean that people wouldn’t quit as much.

Plus, it’s twenty minutes only if the players are good. When players struggle, five points seems extremely far away. The Giant Bomb guys quit in frustration when they found out it was five points to end the match, for example. Three points would be friendlier to the vast bulk of players.


I think 5 points is alright, if you don’t miss any kill the match can end in 6 minutes or so, also if it were only 3 points there would be no sick comebacks, I once was down 2-4 and managed to win by denying his next 2 kills with the ghost coin and being faster on the 5th kill hueheuheue.


I’m ok with it, it’s a strategy that only works when you’re at 0, useful for the no KO challenge too huehueheuheue, this mode is not meant to be played SA style, even dying to teleport is a valid strat.


Without sounding too rude: who cares about the bad players? You shouldn’t change the concept just to appeal to casuals. Im only interested in watching good players play vs each other. As as gule said, there wouldnt be any sick comebacks.

I deem that far more important than helping noobs to not ragequit.


Also potential solutions against quiters:

  • Add a penalty where if you quit in the middle of a match you have to wait 5 minutes to play again, if you quit again, 15 minutes, quit again and 1 hour, and so on, league of legends uses this pretty succesfully.

  • Don’t penalize but make it so quitting counts as surrendering, thus giving the other player the win and exp.


One of the single coolest things about Hitman, unlike nearly any other game, if that it is fun and funny for bad players! Giant Bomb was the single outlet to award Hitman their GOTY, and they are all awful at the game. I think that says something. I just don’t think that making the game fun for noobs counts for absolutely nothing.

But I basically agree with you that you shouldn’t corrupt the game for good players in order to placate bad players. I just don’t think cutting the ghost mode score from 5 to 3 would really do that though.


That’s my point.

I think it does, when good players are playing it takes roughly 20 minutes, which is a perfect amount for a match. Making it 3 would result into very short matches, and thus negatively impacting the game for good players. I wanna see sick comebacks


Also 3 points would make it so some matches will be decided by luck, sometimes the target that spawns is a free kill and your opponent could just be closer than you, 5 points requires you to consistently be better than the other guy, I’d even increase it to 7 hueheuheue.

An option for custom matches could be cool though (so you can decide the amount of points or even add complications like no KO)

I can see why we don’t have that yet, and also why Miami is the only map so far, I think it’s about queue times, nobody wants to wait 10 minutes to find an opponent, and that’s what could happen if you divide the playerbase by maps/points, but I think those options will come when Ghost Mode has a solid player base.


Well, you guys are the good players, so I can’t argue with that!


are u trash bro? if you don’t miss the first 5 kills the match ends in about 6 minutes.


Losing a point if you’re seen committing a crime would be an interesting complication, I think. It’d make you have to play more of a normal SA game instead of just punching out the target’s bodyguard in full view of the target. Dunno if that’d be more fun though.


Yes, but definitely only for custom matches, some games would never end if the mode was meant to be played SA style huehuheuehue, alternatively, it could be fun if some targets spawned with a random complication, for instance, for this guy you can’t get spotted (not sure how it will work if you already got spotted), next one no KO, next one Accident Kill, next one no complication, etc.


Ooh, I like that a lot. (And change the guy’s hat color to represent different complications!)


Here’s maybe another possibility for reducing quit matches and making it fun for noobs without impacting high-level play: make the match end when someone gets five points or after fifteen or twenty minutes, whichever comes first.


That would be trash for matches that are tied in points and suddenly end, does it end in a tie? trash

does it give the win to the guy that got the point first? super trash and frustrating for the other guy that probably feels like he has the chance to win the whole thing.


As someone who’s not very good at Hitman (or, more charitably, very SLOW at Hitman), I’m put off even having a go at Ghost Mode due to fear of getting matched up with someone awesome at the game like GuLe or Fortheseven and just having a completely miserable experience as I get totally pwned without even getting close to scoring a single point.

I’m not sure what the solution is - maybe that I leave Ghost Mode well alone as it’s not really for slow, cautious players like me - but I haven’t touched it yet for those reasons.


Solution for that is extremely easy, you get matched with players of your same skill level (based on win rate), BUT, before they implement that, Ghost Mode needs a solid player-base, otherwise it would just delay queue times.


Given that there’s the Always Online requirement, I think it might be possible to refine even beyond Win % stats in Ghost Mode to match players of similar skill in GM. Presumably IOI have the player data from all of our general play in game to see which players are consistently beating Miami SA SO in ridiculously quick mission-times etc and which players are finishing missions in 30+ minutes (which is totally where I’m at).

I totally take your point that Ghost Mode does need to build up a player base, but it’s the very fact that I’m a complete wuss and don’t want to dip my toe in until there’s some kind of mechanism in place which I could be reasonably confident of matching me with someone of at least ballpark parity in skill levels that’s stopping me having a go at the mode in the first place and increasing the player base.


Same on PS4. Soon as I’m 3-0 up I get a rage quitter 9 out of every 10 matches.