Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


Disagreed, Ghost Mode is too different from main game, I don’t think your performance on the main game has anything to do with your Ghost Mode skill, also, since hitman is a sandbox game and is there to mess around with, it will be impossible to know the player skill level based on stats, what if the guy that was the world record on a main mission also likes to do kill everyone challenges? will IOI consider him a noob for doing so “poorly” in game?


You’re probably right. I think it just isn’t for me.


I think you should try it, it’s different and fun hueheuehuehue

Some tips and tricks:

  • Always go for a non-lethal weapon, also there’s a fish in the kitchen (only item that wasn’t removed from the map), best strat is usually to KO everyone near the target and then go for it.

  • Use the time where you wait for the next target to go for ghost crates/delete evidence.

  • Ghost Boxes aren’t totally random, they have a set list of items they can give, knowing which boxes can give you a silenced pistol will help (a good place is the security room in the parking lot, as you can delete the evidence and there’s the chance to get a krugermeier right next to it)

  • If you’re too behind and you need to yolo, try to stay away from your opponent and hope the target spawns closer to you than him.

  • If you’re ahead, then you should follow your opponent to ensure he can’t do this to you and you keep your advantage.

  • Throwing a Ghost coin at your opponent when you see him in the subdue animation almost always denies him the point (because some other npc will come and see the target’s body), and you can do an evil laugh afterwards.

  • Pushing the target is an accident kill, so even if everyone sees you pushing him it will always be a guranteed unnoticed kill.

  • Lethal syringe is also a free unnoticed kill even if they’re seeing you.

  • You can drop/place the ghost coin to lure your target and it will not dissapear or affect your opponent’s universe, useful to lure him to a ledge and push him.

  • Pointing your gun at the target will make him raise his hands and crouch, this prevents him from running away, super useful when you have like 5 people in the room you have to KO before him.

  • When knocking out civilians, you should holster your non-lethal weapon, using your fists on civilians is faster than most non-lethal weapons (except for the pool ball)

  • If you grab your target with the Subdue prompt an a civilian sees you, don’t finish subduing or snap the neck, just hold him and wait for the civilian to run away, you can then use that window of opportunity to snap his neck and drag him to a hidden spot/start fighting potential body finders, since grabbing the NPC with the subdue prompt isn’t KO or Kill yet, it will still be unnoticed as long as you do the KO/Kill part when nobody is watching.

  • Kronstadt Security is the best disguise, can access everywhere.

  • Make decisions based on your opponent’s position on the map, for instance, if you see him rushing for the target, then you should do the same, but if you notice that he’s very far away, you can take extra time to delete evidence and get a good disguise/weapon before going for the kill, so the upcoming targets will be easier for you.

  • If your current score is 0, you can do non-target kills without any penalty, you can even kill people AFTER you killed your target while you wait 10 seconds for the unnoticed kill.

  • The first target is not random, it’s based on your starting location, eventaully you should have a strat ready for every starting location (not only involving killing the target, but maybe getting items/disguises or deleting the evidence in the way).

  • If the target is absolutely on the other side of the map, consider killing yourself to teleport closer to him. You can commit sudoku by standing behind a car and making it explode/using falling objects/fire/electrocution, etc. or just get yourself spotted and shot, but this can have consequences later on, note that you’ll also lose your equipment, so use the killing yourself strat wisely.

Ghost mode challenges

I saw that video of yours. That needs to be fixed though. Kicking in front of everyone and gaining point is ok for fun, not for logic.


I think it’s alright, it’s an accident kill afterall huehueheuhue.

You can also get seen shooting a car next to the target to make it explode, or shooting falling objects (coconuts/shark/disco ball)


Officer, he pulled my leg and then jumped.


Do you lose a point everytime you die? I think that happend to me once. So dying teleport is only a good strategy if you have 0 points.


You don’t lose points for dying.

Also if you just want to commit sudoku but don’t want to get spotted and get shot, just shoot a car and die huehueueh

There’s also coconuts, or water + plug for electrocution kill, many ways to kill yourself hueheuhe.


Sudoku? You mean seppuku?

Jokes aside, in the future, when IO release more maps for ghost mode. I can see it will be fun in Paris, Sapienza and Whittleton Creek. But for Mumbai, I guess each match will be very long.


No I meant like this



great tips Gule. i just want to add a few more

  • if you get into combat mode with guards, do not panic and kill them, because unless your score is already 0, you will lose lots of points. instead, try to escape, or if that’s not possible, knock them out with legshots/blunt weapons/hand to hand combat. throwing blunt weapons is obviously the easiest if you have lots of soda cans (or whatever) in your inventory, followed by legshots, if you have a silenced pistol. if you have neither a silenced pistol nor a blunt weapon, then hand to hand combat is your last resort. hand to hand combat should be pretty easy though if only one guard is fighting you and you are very quick.

  • another important tip is learning the map, so you can get from point A to point B very quickly. there are 2 bridges on the north and south side of the map that can allow you to go across the race track with ease. there is also a parking lot in the bottom floor, that connects both sides of the map, and also allows you to get to the kronstadt building very quickly with the elevator shaft pipe. knowing the map will give you a competitve edge on your opponent.

  • if you don’t have a lot of time to kill the target, but it appears to you that your opponent got caught after killing him, then going for the target may not be worth it, since your opponent is most likely not going to get the point, and you will still have an advantage because you are not compromised. if your opponent is beating up guards after killing the target, they probably got caught and won’t get the point

  • as gule said, if you are spotted while pushing your target, you still get the point. i think IOI will patch this.


Also if you near the parking lot, it’s worth to take a little detour to take out the surveillance system. And if you don’t wear a Kronstadt guard disguise already you can mug the sleeping guard for his uniform. It’s probably the second most useful disguise on the map.


i just learned that if you get caught while poking your target with a lethal syringe, you still get the point.


Very good tips.
Also subdue a guard take his weapon so u can drop it behind the targets guard so he moves from that area


Give it a try my friend… I’m also a very slow, methodical Hitman player in singleplayer, but Ghost Mode is a different experience and I’ve been doing quite well at it… different yet the same. It’s hard to explain, but it’s absolutely worth having a go at it.

I also think that - because it’s such a fresh and new experience - those first several rounds while you’re getting used to the ebb and flow of it, you won’t even care if you’re losing or even getting crushed. That’s how it was for me, at least. It’s only after I got a dozen or so wins under my belt that I started really feeling competitive about it and caring if things went south on me.


Great tips from @Niobium and @GuLE agree with all these and there’s some here I didn’t know, like that being seen grabbing the target doesn’t itself void him, only when you get to the KO stage… that’s some next level strating right there.

The main advice I’d give people just starting with GM is that, imo, the most important things to know are (1) how to get from point A (where you are) to point B (where the target is) on the map. Remember all doors are unlocked, so take direct paths through otherwise locked passages, BUT remember that trespassing is the same as always. Which brings us to (2) - it’s always important to know which disguises are allowed in the area the target’s in (and even better is also knowing where to easily get one of those disguises).


Another thing I was thinking about but I haven’t tried yet is that you could drop a gun where the targets could potentially spawn with a guard, before they even spawn, so when he eventually spawns there he’ll have no bodyguard by the time you get to him.


Interesting idea, it’s just that there are so many spawn locations and you’re probably wasting a lot of time subduing guards for their guns and placing them a potential spawn points. It also has to be placed somewhere where no other civilian or guard finds it first.


Yeah I’m in the same boat. There’s no way I could pull off ghost mode.


You can always give it a try. Maybe you’re better than you think. I was also a bit afraid about constantly losing because everyone else seems to be a pro. I’ve got destoryed in my first matches but became quiet good over time. Won 5 matches in a row despite hardly being a good player.

Even if it turns out that you’re not good at it, it was at least worth a try. :slight_smile: