Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


Played Ghost mode once.

Hated every moment of it.

However, if IO-I make a 2P co-operative online mode, I think it could be really fun.


Tried this Ghost mode now. I’m in Russia and he is in USA, there were no lag problems whatsoever. Also the game mode is a blast.


Even after dying the player is still hunted that’s not normal IOI needs to fix this.


that is even stated on the loadingscreens for ghostmode, its just a rule.


I cannot even figure out for the life of me how to get a lethal poison kill


Lethel injection spawn.


Player just respawns at different location. All your precious record is carries forward. So if any NPC suspected compromises you before he will still identify you after you respawns.


Why do you think Lucas Grey is developed as 47s friend.


Okey thanks for the details


I honestly thought it was because IO-I put a cretin in charge of developing the story.


Did they change anything with Ghost Mode after the latest patch? Or is it still a quitter’s paradise?


Just wanted to share that I’m really enjoying ghost mode. I hope they do it for other levels. Its kinda crazy at times, and I really was not good at first, but I’ve been winning a fair amount now. It’s helped me learn the map somewhat as well. Really fun to play with friends. If anyone on ps4 wants to play, just let me know, my psn is hitwoman4784. I’m usually down if I’m online. So far, have had some really epic battles with people and I find it very exciting. But, that’s just me, it’s not for everyone.


It’s fun to watch people playing this game mode.

The only problem is that it’s included on Hitman Game and the only way to kill your target faster than your opponent is to kill everybody around the target and then kill your target.

I see some potential but this mode will needs a lot of adjustment.


You can watch Facy get destroyed in this match


I am actually not sure what to think of Instinct in Ghost Mode … I think I like it but it also kind of sucks. meh.


What do you mean, that was awesome!


Do you think it would be a good idea if maybe with the point system, you actually start off with say 1 or 2 points rather than 0? It seems like when Ghost Mode begins, there is nothing stopping me from basically going to a place I know hasn’t many guards or NPCs and murdering them for their outfits quickly at the beginning of each game.


The strategies in this comment alone.


I think that the best thing is that you can go under zero for fix this. Anyway guys there will be some kind of contest or tournament for this mode vs the user of Hitman forum? For me it’ s a great idea… a little like the thread for player made elusive target that keep going on… we can even make specific rules just for the “competition”


ghost mode is very enjoyable, but the one thing i don’t like about it is that you can KO the target’s bodyguard right in front of the him, kill the target, and still get the point. i don’t like this, for obvious reasons. IOI should try to find a way to fix that. also, push kills and lethal syringe kills are bugged, you get the point regardless if you get spotted or not.

i also don’t like how if the score is 4-4, the person who kills the final target first automatically wins. it doesn’t really give a chance for the other player.