Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


nah, i think that sniper kill was high risk, high reward.


I just think that there should be an overall setting that applies to both players.
If I want I can play with all gameplay settings activated while my opponent runs around without instinct etc.
And there should be an extra setting for Ghost Mode.
It’s annoying to activate instinct whenever a round starts because I play without it in solo mode.

It was but I feel cheap. :frowning:
And I was sitting on my couch like this after I made the shot: :scream:

Yeah, it was. Wasn’t even the plan. I only noticed the glass front in that moment.

Yup, that kind of sucks. IO needs to fix that fast. You can just knock everyone out in the area and kill the target.
People will hate the changes though. I’m sure.

I like that idea. Fixes the “5 points is too much” point. Start with 2 points, so that you only need three points. Ez fix.


What point is that though? 5 is fine, 3 would be way too short


5 points CAN take quite long. Especially when you f*ck up one attempt or two.
Although most of the time it’s under 10 or 15 minutes.

I know that you probably kill 5 targets in two minutes though, god damn roadrunner. :smiley:


Haha! All the matches i’ve played so far lasted around 10 minutes, which i think is ideal. And even then it was hard to come back once you are behind. With only 3 points this would become pretty much impossible.


After playing a few more rounds, I gotta say: I was wrong and I agree.
My matches went from 7 to around 13 minutes, which is fine. It felt cumbersome in the first few days, but that’s me getting to know Ghost Mode, I think.

And I have to say: playing Ghost Mode suit-only is pretty fun!


I’d be in favor of adding an option to concede/surrender after an opponent has attained a big enough lead. A game like Starcraft 2 doesn’t require an opponent to twiddle their thumbs and wait for the winner to destroy literally every single unit and building before conceding. Personally I play out every match as even when an opponent takes an early lead they can get screwed disguise wise, but adding a concede option would cut down on the players disconnecting.


i would like to see optional objectives and/or complications added to the game. for example, an optional objective would appear that says if you kill your target with the fibre wire, you get extra points. a fibre wire then automatically spawns in your inventory so you can complete the kill with the optional objective. it would make it a good way for losing players to catch up, i think.


It’s not the best idea because it would limit your methods of killing. But the general direction sounds fine.


Played a few matches of Ghost Mode for the first time today. Gotta say, I like it. I’ve been excited for this mode ever since it was announced, and I’m glad to say it’s lived up to my expectations.


I can’t wait for Ghost Mode to expand into other maps, especially the smaller ones like Whittleton Creek. There, I think this mode will really shine. Less running and more setting up kills.


Oddly enough, I actually think Ghost Mode might be very interesting to play in Marrakesh and Colorado, I think their flat designs will be interesting in that game mode. Whittleton Creek will be cool too, just so that you are always nearby every target.


Marrakesh yes, Colorado no. Part of Ghost Mode is finding the quickest way to your next target. In maps with verticallity like Miami, this can actually be a fun challenge under time pressure. Colorado is just flat and extremely easy to navigate, effectively cancelling out that part of Ghost mode.


The “force Ghost Mode into Casual Mode” bug/glitch kills the game mode as you can tell when someone is doing it because they’re getting away with performing illegal actions where there are cameras - but they don’t have cameras because their game is in Casual Mode.

Have no real interest in GM until they fix that tbh.


I always disable the surveillance system when I’m close the parking garage, because it makes things easier. So when I’m doing an illegal action in front of a camera and getting away with it, it’s not because I’m a dirty cheater.


Oh, by the way: Do not use the ICA Remote Taser thing in Ghost Mode to create deadly puddles.
Seeing my score melt to zero was heartbreaking to say the least …

Stupid hat target stopped in front of the puddle turned around and called a guard. Another guy went into the bathroom and got electrocuted. The guard, too.


I did that yesterday lol. I threw the prox taser in the dolphin area as he was walking infront of it. He called for a guard and the guard died. But luckily it was only 1 non target. I should have just been patient and wait 10seconds then throw it


there are a lot of tresspassing areas though. you are free to run around the bomb area as an engineer, but navigating sean rose’s house with that disguise is a challenge.


I’m talking about people who do it at the very start of a match and haven’t had a chance to get to a point to wipe the footage.


Okey so I was playing Ghost Mode and this happened

Lost 1 point because the target was invisible