Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


I had a match like that where I was forced to quit because both me and the other guy clearly couldn’t see the target or interact with him.


It’s not called Ghost Mode for nothing.


I met and played with @Kotti today :joy:

(Blacked my name because for some reason Steam displays my previous email which contains my name even though I changed it a week ago) It was a strong match going 3-3 when the multiplayer error popped up :persevere:

Real fun playing with an awesome member of Hitman community :smile::+1:


I’m on PS4 and would be up for some mutual backscratching, ie standing back and letting the other take their time to get SA/accidents etc, and then return the favour the other way.

I’m ragabashing so hit me up if you want to do this.


Goddamn, I dunno about you guys but for me Ghost Mode has the worst connection problems.
I’ve played around 3-4 games so far, and all of them have ended with me in the lead and then boom, connection lost. The annoying thing is, when the connection is actually working, it’s a lot of fun.


Are you sure those are connection problems and not just people egoquitting.


Is there a difference in the message? If not, I reckon you should have two seperate ‘Connection Error’ and ‘Opponent couldn’t handle your skills and left in sheer terror’ error messages to avoid confusion.


If an opponent ragequit you should have the win of the match and some sort of penalty for who’s quitting. Like the other online games FIFA etc. at this state you have not the possibility to finish a match if you are winning with too much points.


You know what would be funny? You know when you fail an elusive target and it says FAILED on your main menu screen? They should do the same if you egoquit a game and it will say QUITTER on the main screen.



The solution is simple. Just make some stats and penalties for the quitters and then in matchmaking you will be associated with players that are acting like you. One quit if you are in emergency can happen ok but not every fucking time.


I’ve been wondering the same thing, because 8/10 matches will end with ‘poor connection’, but my connection is fine for mostly everything else.


Update: I won my first match 5:1 against a guy who kept playing despite having 0 points for most of the game.
Whoever you are, random player, mad respect.


I just won my first game and I had to say, Ghost mode gives me sometimes the same anxiety and tension like when I play an elusive target. Which is good.

I hope they add more features or difficulty features. I would like some additional rules like all doors closed (having the lockpick by default) or that all npc’s can recognize you (for a suit only run for example). This could add some layers to more experienced players.

Btw, can you open a chat box in the current beta?


I am sure it helps if you know the ins and outs of the map.
Does Ghost Mode only work in Miami?


Yes, only Miami for now.


Hey guys!
Is this a bug or did I just get lucky here?


So, how often do people quit out of games when they realize they’re not gonna win? I finally decided to play a few matches, and so far all of them have ended in the suspiscous “multiplayer error” just as I got 3 or more points on my opponent. This needs to be fixed somehow. Rage quit more than X -times a day? Get banned from the mode for Y days.


But if they quit you should win regardless of score. Why force people to complete the round?
Banning people will only cause chaos.


Based on what? This is a penalty used in other online games, like the Halo franchise. Works fine there.

But yeah sure. I guess you could give the person left in the game a walk-over win or something.


Because player is opting to leave the Match. There may be so many reasons for not wanting to continue a game if you know that you are going to loose. Like time constraints, or wanting to start a fresh game instead of being in one where every disguise is blown and every npc knows you.
If someone leaves the game on their own they should loose the Match and other player should win.
Why try to ban him.