Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


Do it like in CSGO:
Leave one competitive match = 30 min ban
Leave two competitive match = 60 min ban
And so on.
You can get up to a week, I guess.




The best is a little penalty with the win to the other player and maybe if you quit too many times the matchmaking will find for you another quitter player. No need here to timed ban, we here are trying to build a more big fanbase and not let them escape with ban and so on. The online should be build like FIFA series that is permissive and not a elitive situation where only the best player can play. IOI needs to try to appeal to more customers obviously keeping Hitman gameplay at the same state that is now.


Yes. Because if you start a game and KNOW that you have to leave in a few minutes, you do what? Exactly, dont start a multiplayer match IN ANY GAME. :wink:

Or another option:
You can only forfeit thus giving the win to the other player automatically.


What if I have 1 hour and want to win as many times as possible?
I don’t wanna waste another 5 to 15 mins on the game which I am loosing.


Then IO should introduce an option to forfeit the game if you are sure you cannot win the match anymore.

In the current state: just deal with losing and play better. Simple. Sounds cocky and jerky but that’s currently the truth. And I am no world class player either.

I don’t know on which platform you’re on but finding a game on Xbox is a pain in the ass in the last few days. So having to wait five minutes to even find a game and being thrown out of the game after you get two kills is just annoying as hell.


I will just leave the match in current state if I don’t want to continue.
I don’t have any penalty in current state.
If penalty is to be introduced it should be in the form of losing the match and not by awarding ban.

what is obsession of hmf over bans


Funny you say that. Really funny.


It’s not a bug.
The guard saw you from between the tow partitions. Even if it’s very narrow.


Oh great. You’re one of the people ruining the experience.


What experience did I ruin exactly?
I don’t even play ghost mode. I was being hypothetical.


Well then that was a weird way of putting it.


Was your opponent even trying?


I meant him not seeing the body. :smiley: Post wasn’t clear sorry.


So uhm. Is there any way of seeing your Ghost Mode challenges except for after/during a match? If there is, I can’t find it.


they can be found in the Miami menu I think, they’re split between assassinations and feats (only in the destinations menu though)


Ah. This is not one of the strengths of the game. Arranging things. I would much more prefer a Ghost Mode category, or viewing the ghost mode challenges by going into the Ghost Mode category.


Ghost Mode is still in its “beta” phase. I assume we’ll get that challenges viewing option later on, probably once/after we get the option to choose which location to play.


Trying to be trash Kappa


Still haven’t tried this yet. Would be tempted if I was awarded a Blue Shell in my inventory if going 2 points behind in the match.