Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


Isn’t the homing briefcase enough? :wink:


Anyone have any tips for Ghost Mode?

After 250+ hours with S02, I finally tried it for the first time yesterday.

And man, I was god awful. I am by no means in the speedrunner family, so I’d appreciate any helpful suggestions to improve


it comes down to experience and this:


I’m around 150 hours deep in Hitman 2 and hadn’t touched Ghost Mode until yesterday, because it looked like I wouldn’t enjoy it. And boy, was I wrong.

I finally tried it yesterday and it is pretty fantastic. Sure, there are issues (some serious ones), but it is a LOT of fun to play and experiment with. Looking forward to actually getting gud!


Maybe we played each other. Did your opponent start killing a bunch of non targets after effectively losing? :joy:

As competitive as I am, I feel like I won’t enjoy it until this happens


I can train you guys if you’re on pc, np


I’ve won all my five matches 5-0 so far (the ones that didn’t disconnect [I was well ahead in those]), but I think most/all my opponents didn’t really understand the rules, they constantly died and killed non-targets en masse.

I’ll take you up on that! :smiley:


This video explained a bunch.

I was trying to isolate targets…


Train me! Train me! Oh great sensei lol nah seriously though I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Ghost Mode myself this weekend, gonna roll some phatties and mess about, shouldn’t rage too much if I’ve pacified myself with a cannabis joint like in Sapienza


Do you guys have any tips for Suit Only on ghost mode? I tried a couple of times but trespassing and getting spotted seems to be an issue with me. I keep getting killed and then too many enforcers know my disguise.


So is there a chat option? I keep getting paired with the same asshole and he keeps ragequitting when I get to 4 kills. It’s infuriating I’m going for a challenge.

I need to scold him


Good news! You now win if the opponent quits mid match!


It was from the start if I understood you correctly


Oh OK thanks for letting me know :smiley:


Well, the last time I played the score was 2:3 for the enemy, he left and I lost.

Was that changed?


I was always winning when opponent was escaping while I was leading, so I don’t think this is a change.
Change is that recording device disappeared from the tunnels


Guess I’m lucky because I only had a few people rage quitting when I was in the lead. Maybe it’s because I’ve never won 5-0.

I hope this doesn’t come across as being smug, but sometimes I let my opponent score a point on purpose. For example when I’m 3 points in the lead, I ignore the target and let my opponent kill it. Mostly because I don’t want them to ragequit.


Letting the opponent to kill a target not always helps though


Lol, Ive also done that when doing challenges.


I just ran onto the situation when opponent left the game while I was leading.
For the first time after the recent patch.
They just modified the popup message. Before it was something like ‘game terminated, your opponent disconnected’.
But on the final screen there always was a voiceover informing you’re winner