Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


Sut only & Non-pacifist (6:45 / 5-0)

Accidental (8:07 / 5-0)


I’d like to play against you :slight_smile:


Ghost Mode - “Bad Santa” (Suit Only)

A fun run using only the Santa suit. You may want to increase the playback speed to x2. I don’t know why the video skips by a few seconds at around 5:30, but I’ve seen it happen to other PS4 recordings.

Note: I accidentally lost a point because I forgot that I had a screwdriver equipped.


Add me on ps4 ibbzz040. We’ll play when more locations get added to GM. We’ll do suit only kills :triumph:


Silent Assassin Suit Only, 1KO (7:36 / 5-2)


Sniper Only (7:10 / 5-2)


Ghost Mode’s really fun, curious to see how it will work in Colombia and more so Sapienza. Kinda wish it was in a map like Paris or Isle of Sgail though. Both play in a way similar to Miami (Isle of Sgail less so, but there are some points that are common in both missions) and would be interesting due to the level’s design and multiple levels.

Not sure about Colombia as most of the map is pretty flat. Sapienza is not so much but I can expect a bunch of the targets to be roaming near the mansion entrance, near the ice cream shop, down by the pier and near the church, all of which wouldn’t be too interesting. Having a target inside the clock tower, ruins or underground lab would definitely spice it up a bit though.


For the love of Christ can we NOT add Ghost Mode feats to the completion percentage to each mission?! I was maybe a couple hours from getting100% achievements on the single player experience run, and now my progress is ham stringed by multiplayer in which I have almost no interest in. I like that we have the Ghost mode as an option and I may check it out once everything else is done, but this REALLY took the wind out of my sails. Miami I guess will just have an asterisk next to it and I’ll never really get to see that 100% on it unless I commit to getting good at competitive speed runs against another player which wasn’t in my plan when I bought the game. So disappointing…


Excluding it from the destination gives an artificial 100% completion. Why would you want to be told that you’ve completed 100%, when in fact you haven’t? Technically, in addition to the Ghost Mode challenges, you have to complete every ET with SA, all of the seasonal content challenges, and all of the Featured Contracts challenges, for 100%. You could also argue that you need 20/20 mastery on all three Sniper Assassin characters. They’ve included the Snow Festival challenges for the Hokkaido map so, unless you complete those soon, Hokkaido will also never show 100%.

Edit: The Snow Festival challenges might be removed after the event. I can’t find my Holiday Hoarders challenges anywhere, but I’m not sure if they added those to Paris, during the event, or not.


I respectfully disagree. Including it in the main game shoe horns a competitive multiplayer component that wasn’t required before to max things out. If they want to have multiplayer achievements, that’s fine, just put them in a separate category that you can go for, or not go for depending on what you want to do. And yes I have completed every ET with SA and seasonal content challenges outside the very last stage of Hitman 2 as some of those are incredibly time-consuming and can’t be accomplished on the same play-through (that I can tell…yet). I’d say I’m around 94% as it stands now. Like I said, I like the idea of competitive multiplayer, but I’d like to keep it separate from the single-player experience like many other games that include multiplayer. If you’re a speed-runner and enjoy the competition, that’s great, but I’m not and I don’t. I think it would satisfy both sides to track both modes… just independently.


I call bullshit. You don’t have to get good to unlock those challenges, nor do you have to turn into a speedrunner. Just nonsense.


Easy solution: Find a friend and take turns completing the challenges. It’s not a very sporting way of completing them, but it solves your problem.


Call it whatever you want… Maybe you have a better term? We’ll agree to disagree then.


It’s not about terms, the whole premise of having to become good, or become a speedrunner in order to complete those challenges is just false. Like @L_Okami.Streaming said, just invite someone to do challenges together.


@L_Okami.Streaming Fair enough. That may be a way forward in the short-term. We’ll see how it shakes out although I’d much rather finish what I’m doing and then concentrate on Ghost down the road. Until then I’ll just accomplish what I can until I get the will to knuckle down and start competing with others. I don’t see the point in just going through the motions if there is no challenge so I doubt I’ll stoop to that level.

To be crystal clear I’m not against the game mode or anyone who wants to do it. I simply would like to see the achievements for both single and multiplayer recognized in their own respective right. If you don’t agree with my point of view that’s perfectly fine. Not trying to force my point on anyone, just for dev consideration.


I haven’t played the Ghost nor Sniper solely because my friends don’t play Hitman and I don’t get Items from them…


Yeah, I’m no speed runner and I got all the Ghost Mode challenges organically without boosting.

It’s doable, I wouldn’t call it easy though. If they implement the challenges for each map that they (hopefully) expand ghost mode to, that would be a major pain in the ass

It just takes practice, like anything else.


Agent 47 loses it whilst trying to blend in as a Kronstadt engineer.


I expect better from a high level player, assuming it was a rage quit. The rage quit rate for Ghost Mode is ridiculous.


As someone who does pretty damn well at it if I do say so myself, I can attest to this. Does get quite annoying, but at the same time I get it; if I was getting fucked that way I might call it a day too :joy:

Also, high level? Step up bro I’m on the cusp of 600 :joy: