Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


Remember when I helped you with Sniper Assassin? Cough, Cough :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! Oh shit! Called out! :joy: You’re a ledge in my eyes, mate :blush:


I would say the profile level does not indicates the owner skills :slight_smile:


Haha. Thanks! :grin:


Oh no absolutely, I’m just kidding with him :blush:

I went up against a level 32 last week and he made me bust some moves in order to win! Good for him! :grin:


I understand, just putting my 5 coins in :slight_smile:

Lately I was faced up with 12th level and he almost beat me. How they say ‘it’s too close to call’ :slight_smile:


When it’s even all the way to target 5, those are the best moments! Had one recently where it was literally the difference between which of could squeeze through a door first. Exhilarating stuff!


Sniper Only (5:32 / 5-0)


Yesterday I finished all challenges. I was sure to have 100% of challenges completed, but then I noticed that Miami isn’t complete because of Ghost Mode ones. I’m not interested in that modality (I even don’t have friends on my Playstation account). I only want to get 100%


I have a suggestion for ghost mode in hitman 2, move all the ghost mode challenges to be in ghost mode only rather than in the location. that way i don’t have to do ghost mode to 100% a location. i hate pvp, it’s too stressful.
Either that or someone boost me on the xbox.



20 Characters.


If you want help getting the Ghost Mode challenges for 100%, add me on PSN (doom-generation), I’ll help you out.


Ok, as soon as possible I’ll add you. Thank you!


Does anyone else wish Ghost Mode had both players in the same reality?

The ability to dictate exactly how to set up your own target’s assassination without interference from the opponent is fine and all, but Ghost Coins don’t really satisfy that sense of interference and manipulation of my opponent. The NPCs aren’t synchronised in both of your worlds, so any distraction of one person may result in nothing happening, since the enemy has already done so in their world and the NPC is either KO’d or elsewhere.

Even though this may not be possible (since synchronising tons of NPCs including the players would probably be a monumental coding task)…:
I think I’d want a shared game world. Combat and Searching scenarios would only target the player who committed that specific crime. Have moments where your opponent screws up, leaving you an easy way of escape while guards deal with him. Going off of the idea of Ghost coins to affect the NPCs of your opponent’s world, there should be Ghost weapons (explosives, knives, single-bullet weapons) where killing and NPC/Target with it would make guards search for them instead of you.

…Just an idea.


Personally, I think it would be too easy to abuse it just to grief the opponent. It’s possible to do that as things stand with the ghost coins as you mentioned, but it’s only possible to do that in certain circumstances. Also, if your opponent messes up and has guards rushing them, that could, through no fault of your own, cause you to get busted doing something you shouldn’t, where you otherwise wouldn’t have been. I don’t think anybody wants to have their run messed up by a bad opponent’s mistake.


I’m not sure if the Hitman AI is able to differentiate between the actions of two players. I could imagine that it’s no easy task to change the AI accordingly.

That said, two players on the same map sounds interesting. But there need to be certain rules. Otherwise I would imagine the first action of many players would be to kill their opponent.


Except on consoles you have to PAY for 100% completion. Just like with platinum trophies, you shouldn’t have to pay money to fully complete a game


Is there anyone interested in boosting the challenges on Xbox?