Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


I made a stupid mistake in the 3rd round :laughing: GG m8.

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Idk why they removed the ranking system it was fine to me how are we going to know the best Assassins out there with no ranking system, I mean every online multiplayer game has to have a rank/ leaderboard system for it to be officially called a multiplayer mode. Without a ranking system it does not feel like a online multiplayer. That was fine if they had one for single player then have one for multiplayer it just makes sense to keep the things you added in single player and add those features or systems to multiplayer. Other than that GM is actually a fun game mode not terribly disappointed. But I really like how they prioritizing what’s more important that should be fix in GM, just add the rank system back tho it really wasn’t a problem, but keep up the good work IO love the dedication to actually change things based on the reviews.


My guess is that the mode is still offically in beta, so maybe they don’t want to add it back in until the mode is out of the beta.


Oh shit I forgot about that. That actually makes more sense than what I said, forgot about the bugs and maps.


So how long we have to wait for all maps throughout season 1/2?


Well it’s been five months since the first Ghost Mode location released and we’re still waiting for the second - so it’s going to take awhile for all of them to drop. Assuming it even comes to all locations.


I hope we at least get Hawk’s Bay. Ghost Mode on that made would an unique experience and very different from any other Hitman map.


While I can’t argue with you about it being unique and different, I think that unless the map had a huge re-haul it would end up being pretty boring, since it’s so small and there are too many empty open areas.


Hawke’s Bay has so few NPCs, you could just kill them all so that nobody can spot the target being eliminated, and it just becomes a race to see who can kill the target first.

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I think Hawkes Bay is not a place for Ghost Mode.
Just because it’s too small and a tutorial map


@KevinRudd hey, it was you I just now played against 3 times in a row?


Yes, I’ve just tagged you in the bug report thread as to why it appeared I was shit at the game, but in fact I am not :wink:

I’m going to assume it was a connection issue and not hacks :sweat_smile:


Nah, you’re good. I’m wondering why are you playing GM so little as you told before.
It’s fun.
As I wrote back in that thread it’s most likely just connection issues due to still beta version.

Here is what was happening on my end:

As you can see that loading screens taking forever. It depends on how good and stable connection is

@BernardoOne shame you’ve been disconnected from me, it should’ve been a promising round.
It is hard to drown someone now, I saw your efforts, but well done eventually


i ran into @Bending_Cheese67 yesterday on GM


So did drownings used to count as accidents and now they do not?

Cos I did find today that when I drowned someone in Santa Fortuna sauna (at mansion), the maid saw the body and it counted as a noticed kill.


Drawnings still accidents.
You talking about that jacuzzi what Catalina walking near?
It should count as accident too. If not, it’s a bug, definetely.
If I’m lucky, I’ll try it myself


There must definitely be a bug one way or the other then, because the maid actually saw me drowning target the entire time, she just continued along her path walking while watching, but it wasn’t til after everything was done and his body was on the ground that she ‘found’ the body and it was a noticed kill.


In normal mode the maid should’ve just spot you and rise a panic without any consequences of noticed kill/body.
So compose a bug report

But you know, I’m thinking of this is all good though.
No matter if that was an accident, the action of drowning itself is an illegal action, so presumably she reacted to the action, not to the body, thus it works as intended. But needs more testing to understand the mechanics. But as I remember, I can drown somebody in front of a witness and still get a point.
So this is a controversial situation