Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD

Seeing how the announcer always says “Duel starts in 10 seconds…” and there were leaks about an Assassination Race game mode for 16-players before:
do you guys think we’ll get to see this in the near / far future?

I, personally, can hardly imagine how this could work. Ghost Mode can be quite hectic as it is.

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Does anyone play ghost mode on Ps4 anymore. I used to get games in like 50 seconds, now I can’t find anyone

I’m not playing anymore after I got all challenges. Too busy. If you want, we could play sometimes

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That would be great. I’d just like to try Santa Fortuna ghost mode once

Had the honor of being matched again tonight with @misterkiller for 2 rounds. Almost tied him in the second match!

Nothing in Ghost Mode is quite as infuriating to me as, when it’s tied 4-4, hearing “Opponent has killed the target” while I’m literally killing the target myself - and then just having to sit there helplessly for 10 seconds knowing I’ve already lost, despite having what would have been a clean 5th kill, but not getting the point because I was 0.1 seconds too slow.


@IndianAgent47 I’m sorry, I can’t play with you normally due to poor connection.
The game gives me new targets with a huge delay, don’t give me points for clean kill and other crap involved if connection is poor.
In Santa Fortuna it even crashed for non-visible reason…

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Yesterday I was looking for you. I thought this was your PS nickname. What is your real one?

Some Tips for the melee weapon crate they follow a format

Nonlethal - lethal - Special (coins, propane flasks)

Propane flasks allways spawn on the right side of the crate good time saving strategy for mid-late game

There are also these Wierd Crates sometimes i dont renember any example of wich one is a wierd crate
But they bassically have some wierd useless stuff in them

Cocaine Brick - Coin - Soda can
Seems to be randomized and have really bad loot in them

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I would say all the crates now are nearly useless.
I still don’t understand why would IOI spoil the loadouts and change the items in the crates.
It was a perfect set of items from the start till one of the latest updates.
That was a bad decision to change them…

I mean atleast they are consistent now

They was consistent always, back then too

Then i dont see what changed expect items in them

Set of items been changed.
Changed to much worse as it was from the start

I don’t know if the CJ I just played against in Miami is the one from on here but if it is, I’m sorry our first match was such a shit show from me but in my defense, it was the first time I had played Miami.

these have probably been posted before but idk


The more I play The Bank the more I realize that I want Ghost Mode in The Bank.
Any plans for this, @Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI ?


It would surely be at the bottom of their list due to the lesser amount of people with Expansion Pass. Legacy maps having Ghost Mode on the other hand…

On an unrelated note, how satisfying is it to get an unnoticed sniper kill in Ghost Mode?! For me it’s so rare, but feels so euphoric, knowing you pulled it off + there’s no way your rival can get to the target in time

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Hacker on PC currently going by the name “Emil @ Hitman2 Discord”. Sadly I don’t have video evidence, just a couple screenshots, one of him not being anywhere in sight during the 10 second intro.

I’m going to find and figure out this NVIDIA video recording crap for future tho!

Bandicam is good all-screen recording software if you’re not on Windows 10.
Windows 10 has built-in Xbox Game Bar that can do screenshots, recordings and background recording ability up to 10 minutes (customizable in the settings of the bar or in Windows settings, 15 sec by default).
Background recording actually is a cool feature.
You may not be recording stuff but hit key combination and it will save the recording of past 10 minutes of gameplay

Hey guys, I’m looking for someone, to help me grind the Ghost mode suit. (the only challenge, that is not completed ) I have 30 kills left, but I’m really not motivated to play with randoms…mostly because most of the time, I ran into cheaters .