Hitman 2: Ghost Mode MEGA THREAD


they will :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone not knowing the map would be at a disadvantage.


I just hope there aren’t any challenges or unlocks gated behind Ghost Mode. I don’t like it when multiplayer content feels mandatory.


Since it contains random items/disguises it’s probably a good strategy to only open the ones you pass by and avoid taking detours for them.


I don’t think it’s random since there are two videos showing two players acquiring the baton from the same crate.

But this is the Beta so I don’t know.


Its a random item, but both players get the same random item


As a slow-as-shit, not very good player closer to the ‘roleplayer’ end of the spectrum, I look forward to randomly bring matched against frote and handing him his ass.

Yeah, speedrunners are going to own this mode entirely… :persevere:


Yes,I’ve also seen two videos in which there is a sniper in same crate but like you said it’s probably due to this mode still being tested and in beta


Sometimes the items are the same and sometimes they are different.


Hard to imagine a none-competitive game mode though. At least you can play with those you desire, finding someone comparable to you.


Also it is something completly new, they might reconsider to work on it if the interest is too low. Better dumping work on one map than on six or more.


I love you too IOI.

(Not all of them, but 1vs1, randomly selected targets and no killing other player was my idea :rofl:)


Pipe down fam, peeps have been actively doing it way before your “idea”

Plus Fortheseven and Medie did this same idea live on twitch


We can ask them next time how they came up with the idea.


Really, I didn’t know that :frowning_face:

Well, I was happy for few minutes :rofl:


Good idea, really. IOI must say that.


None of my friends on PS4 play Hitman because they’re retards clearly.

This could be very very fun.


New game modes are always welcome.


But what do they have to do really? Just put a few of these crates here and there and choose NPCs with routines a bit more complex than just standing in place. That’s if the targets are just chosen randomly from the NPCs present which I doubt is the case. The game’s gone gold, by the way, and there is like a month to do that.


They are unique targets specifically made for this mode. That’s why it takes a while to implement it.