Hitman 2 Gold Edition Problem

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My name is João and I’ve recently bought Hitman 2 Gold Edition in physical format for my PS4. I started playing Hitman (2016) story and completing the trophies, although moving on to Hitman 2 I’ve noticed that I don’t have acess to New York’s mission Golden Handshake or Singapore’s mission The Pen and The Sword. When I try to acess that content, it directs me to the PlayStation Store and tells me I need to pay 39,99€ like I don’t have the Gold Edition at all. Is there anything I could do to solve this problem? I’ve always been a fan of the Hitman franchise and I’ve played all the games so far. It’s sad I’ve spent the regular price of the Gold Edition and don’t have full acess to that content. If you need more info to help me, just ask.

Search in the PS Store for the locations name then install.

Selecting Get Access on a map on the Sestination tab should redirect you to the PS Store link to install.

New York, Hantu Port, Siberia, Special Assignments Pack, Winter Sports Pack. You can find these by searching in the store.
Collectors Pack & Executive Pack should be in Library > Hitman 2 > “Your Add-ons”. If not then search for them too.

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Yeah, note that all DLCs should be searched in the store and downloaded manually.
All future DLCs (like forthcoming Resort) should be searched and downloaded manually


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