Hitman 2 - Gone Gold!

Not my style anyway :slight_smile:

I’ve said what i needed to say. The rest is pointless child games.

Cya on a better topic!

I do and I wonder why you come up with me at that here. All I ask for is:

Write civilized. No “keep licking asses” or “real gamers”. Is that so hard?

And the post you quoted questions why fixing the “unfinished status” is still not making the game “finished”. It makes no sense in context.

How do you know that?

What exactly is unfinished?

You keep trying to argue over a word heh?
What about the game not really being gold?

Don’t answer, i’m already out of the topic anyway :wink:

You prefer people lying to you or being transparent and telling the real deal?

They needed money, so they kept maximum secrecy so we discover the disappointent by ourselves. Shady method.

Don’t act naive. You exactly now what i mean.

Have a teaser on these topics:



Now that being said, i’m out.

Boards don’t work like that. If you don’t like people reacting on your posts then don’t post.

Would be not true as gold status is only about delivering the game in the current state to the publishers to produce discs.


Man you’re a joke

Yeah, but you haven’t answered my question

Most of these seem just like bad decisions made by them because they didn’t have enough money.


Uh. Contradicting to what you said earlier.


Dude, what are you mad about??
Guy asked you a question and you can’t even properly respond. What’s with the avoidance of it?

Can’t be bugs because you said.

Bugs =/= Unfinished Game. (bugs do not equal an unfinished game)
Stop this petty know-it-all elitist argument with people and tell us what you’re talking about.

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I will. But on a dedicated post with details.

For now i’ll try to complete the game first, and give my Early Impressions when completed.
(coming in few days/weeks)

You: The game is unfinished!
Not real gamers: Give us reasons.
You: Well, I’ve gotta play it first so wait a few weeks, please.

  • The game stills unfinished and rushed…
  • “Real gamers” wasn’t the appropriate expression i guess :expressionless:
  • I’m 80% completed
  • I’m talking technical here. A detailed review will imply good and bad points. While here i’m only pointing the bads of the game.

Satisfied? Can we end that nonsense debate now?

Ummm okay…?

So… remind me again why you’re getting mad and shooting down people’s subjective opinions that this game is good, and then not explaining why?

“Oh yeah, you think that IO did a good job with this? Nah, they misled us and were very secretive with this game. You’re licking butt.”
“Oh sure I’ll explain why I feel this way when I post my full impressions in a few days/weeks”


Okay, fine. Doesn’t really explain much though and you’re still out of line.
It’s like saying “Hey, this thing is bad and unfinished but you’ll need to wait to buy my book to find out why.”
If you have an idea as to why the game is unfinished, and you feel so strongly about it, I’m sure you can give us a few points that support that argument.

You: The game is unfinished!
We: Give us reasons.

The game still is unfinished

abc = xyz because abc = xyz

This thread is becoming gold as well! :joy:


It was you who started it by being rude.

That’s not what i did. At least not what i wanted to do.

I’m pointing here that the game is unfinished. Can’t explain all that in few words, i need a deeper analysis of the whole game and to do so, i need to complete it all before continuing the debate.

Don’t worry i’ll be back and explain everything you need, when it’s ready.

Well that sucks big time man, I’ve played around 50 hours and have experienced no bugs or crashes so far(everything AMD).

I played all that in offline though maybe that’s why :thinking:

You are very lucky man! Especially on AMD :open_mouth:

Offline mode must be horrible since they locked everything online…

–> I know it’s horrible, i’ve tried it ^^’

So you are playing 20-30% of the game atm? Sucks :confused:
Why not going online?

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Because my pc doesn’t pick up the WiFi signal, I tried moving it around(got a little shock in the process too :joy:) but so far no luck. It picks up for some time then looses it when I sit. No problems though, I hotspoted the data from my dad’s phone and completed the Raven suit escalation for the Sieger 300 Ghost and I’m set :smiley:

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