HITMAN 2 Hantu Port not unlocking

Hi everyone,
For some reason Hantu Port isn’t giving me access, despite me having bought and downloaded the map itself and the expansion pass. (I’m on PS4 by the way)
Whenever I try and go onto the level, it insists I ‘get access’. When I select it, it tells me that I ‘do not have the required content installed. To access this content you need to get Hantu Port’ even though I have already downloaded it. Additionally, when I select what it tells me to, it takes me to the PS store page for the free HITMAN 2 Starter Pack, even though I would imagine there to be no correlation between the free starter pack and the Hantu Port map. Could someone please help me out?

You can try this:

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Do you know what he means by ‘deactivate and then activate the console as my primary PS4’?

Another thing to note is that I’ve ‘downloaded’ the mission (as in, my PS4 spent 4 hours reportedly downloading the mission) but when I check it acts like I haven’t downloaded it at all.


Cheers lads, I reactivated it and now it works like a charm.

luv u both xx


Jordan_Cross what was your problem?

Despite having bought both the Expansion Pass and Hantu Port, and having downloaded both, the game still insisted that I had to get the Hantu Port mission. I fixed it by reactivating the PS4, thanks to the wise words of Yellow, Doom and Peter.

Hello also have question for unlock the hantu but in side Xbox One? Is mandatory require for buy expansion to be able download hantu? Sorry not good with communicate Xbox instructions also understand hard. What I have need for be able to be download hantu on Xbox One?

Yep, you need to get the expansion pass in order to play Hantu Port as well as the Bank, etc. Once you have the expansion pass, all you need to do is download the Hantu Port level from the Xbox Store (I would imagine), and then you should be able to play it.

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Thank you forum member

I have the same issues. I have the GOTY pack and it won’t let me download/get the new Huntu port and the New York one. It says get access and when I click it, it says buy this & buy that, I don’t know what to do? (Xbox 1)

You search for them in the store and install.

There is no such thing as “GOTY pack” when it comes to the new dlcs.

You need to either own Expansion Pack 1 (Silver) or Expansion Pass. If you own Silver, Gold or if you purschased Expansion Pass seperately then search for the dlcs in the store.

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