Hitman 2 Hokaido Legacy Mastery Lvl 20 Trophy not unlocking on PS4


I reached mastery lvl 20 in Hokaido Legacy in Hitman 2 during playing the “Patient Zero” Campaign a few days ago and the PS4 trophy isnt unlocking. I replayed the regular Hokaido map, finshed a few other challenges there and still nothing. Rebooting the game also doesnt help.

Any help how to fix that would be welcome.

Also: Why are the New York and Siberia trophies not integreated into the Hitman 2 Trohy list but under “Hitman 2 Expansion”, since the Singapore trophies are?

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Hello, Terrik. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Regarding to your issue, IO has acknowledged such issue and been working on it, according to the ‘known issues’ section in the latest patch note. I suppose yours is a similar issue to the Bangkok one. So please be patient and wait until the developing team fixes it.


Known Issues

  • Players are unable to unlock the achievement / trophy for reaching Bangkok mastery level 20 in certain circumstances.

The trophies not integrated issue is never explained, so I can’t answer you, though.

Thank you!
I hope they are aware then that there seems to be a similar problem at Hokaido.

You’re welcome.

Also, next time if you encounter another bug, you can report the issue in the following thread, just to make sure the team can see it. :wink:

Posted it there too now, just in case.

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I ran into this bug on Xbox One earlier today.

I believe the latest livestream had mention that this bug will be fixed in the patch released later this month.

That’s great to hear. I missed it initially, but I appreciate you reaching out. Thanks.