Hitman 2 hokkaido challenges bugged

Crazy 8 - it’s stuck on 3 no matter how many masked guard targets I kill with the katana as the motorcyclist I’ve tried other people’s contracts and made my own and it won’t go above 3.

Can anyone on hitman 2 try these challenges and tell me If they are bugged or if it’s just me.

Techman - I distract the guard in the game room subdue him the hide his body then I distract the guy playing the game and while he’s distracted I use the screwdriver on the mat then turn expert mode on he even gets electrocuted but the challenge dosent pop.

BTW I’m on Xbox One

PC - Just tried the Crazy 8 contracts up. Never got any credit still at 0/8

Edit - Only way to get credit at the moment is throwing the katana. Melee kills will not count.

PC: Techman also not working - Tried everything