Hitman 2 Instant Karma

Have any of you had any funny deaths or moments of instant karma? I experienced this last night.

(Setup: We were testing to see if we put the extinguisher on the ground behind Athena Savalas at the clock if the explosion would push her out the window, however after I shot the extinguisher, it decided to go another way…)


yes. i was playing the appraiser ET, #norestarts. around 18:38, i dropped a remote taser in the puddle and detonated it, but i thought that detonating a taser was like detonating a rubber duck and it wasn’t suspicious. it all escalated from there

i also messed up a frisking attempt on the entertainer, around 13:44. after the guard patted me down, i went slightly out of the area, and then ran into the shop. the guard forgot that he just frisked me 2 seconds ago, got angry, and next thing you know…


LOL I can see the panic…LMAO

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No videos to post, but there’s been at least 2 times I’ve mistakenly taken a proximity explosive when I thought it was a remote explosive. One in particular that I recall was setting a micro-explosive on the chandelier winch, which was next to a PT. I’d wait for one of the Washington twins to get next to it, blow it up and I’d kill the other twin that was by the necklace case at the same time for a double kill.

But just one of those runs I brought the wrong one, and before I knew it BOOM! I was like; “What the f*ck happened?!” :joy:

eta: One of the others was messing around with that RFID explosive. I placed it (the coin) down for Desantis to see and pick up. I had the explosive in my briefcase that I was going to place at the pier where she meets the Detective. A body guard would see the case, carry it back and pass by Desantis and kill her. But you can’t even have it on you when you so much as drop that coin.


I had a few of those situations, proximity, tripwire, electrified puddle…etc. I usually laugh off the mistake I made.

This has been the 1st time something like this happened though. Shot extinguisher, CO2 causes extinguisher fly under the desk, circles back out of the desk, hops a chair and kills me. It made me laugh that’s for sure.


Heey @Tacofist didnt know you were on here :smiley: awesome! And nice topic btw

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Et on Paris, went to electrify the puddle and forgot to turn off power, jammed screwdriver in and …:skull:

I am everywhere, and no where. LOL

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Yep I’ve done this before too sadly