Hitman 2 Italy BUG

My game name:hongkongpopkk

Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

Post your message here, it’s where it’s most likely to be seen

thankyou very much :heart:

What is the actual subject of a bug?
I don’t see anything suspicious.

Maybe second image could show something, but it doesn’t work, because closing bracket is absent

The task of black-and-white photos is to complete the first four tasks automatically. I have completed the tick, but I haven’t automatically jumped out of the last achievement. I tried many times, but I couldn’t finish it

You are right,but I don’t Upload second photo :sweat:

I see the issue.

If you select the master sniper challenge where you must complete all other challenges, does it say 4/4 or not?

Since I’ve not finished these challenges, I’ll give them a go now to confirm if it’s only a problem for you or is broken for everyone

I uploaded the second photo. I finished 4 / 4 of the tasks, but it only showed 2 / 4 of the tasks. I tried to redo these tasks countless times, but still stuck in the tick of the first photo in 2 / 4 to prove that I have completed them

@Travis_IOI @ioi_christianco

OK Thank you for your reminding and attention. Thank you very much :handshake:

Finished all the challenges on PC.

What platform are you on?


I think it’s my luck! This should be a few people’s problem, hahaha, so I just signed up for the forum account to ask for official help here

yes! Just like what you did on your computer, it should be that after completing four challenges, you will automatically unlock the last one. When you get a sniper rifle, I’m stuck here. I’ve almost finished all the chapters. It’s 99% of the challenge. It’s so wordless

Don’t worry, there are probably others with the same issue, but now begins the wait until it is fixed.

You could try turning it off and on again in the meantime?

As forum indicates, quite a good amount of players have similar problem with several (or even all) countable challenges.

Can I name them countable?

Well, I have to wait. I hope other people don’t encounter such a problem as me. Hitman 2 is fully connected to the Internet. I wonder if the official can find my game account and data from their data to prove that I have completed these challenges and let me 100%. Otherwise, it will become a pity for me

Yes, I have to wait. After all, it took a lot of time to complete the challenge. Some of the challenges are very difficult. The task of the sniper master is quite easy, and the contract can be created. In case that the master difficulty of Silent Assassin meets this bug, he may cry to death