HITMAN 2 January 2019 Roadmap


Whittleton creek is buggy? Could you give me an example on how it would be too buggy for an ET to appear there? The entire game is still in a broken state so i dont see how whittleton creek would be too buggy for an ET


Fire hydrant electrocutions. Literally u n p l a y a b l e.


Fire hydrants, and guards looking thru walls.


Where do guards see through walls in WC? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered that issue.


Guards/NPCs looking through walls and a bunch of kilometers throughout all the game


I have this many times - i don’t remember in which part of map, but I had been saw by Guards who was on other side of wall. Had this many times, also Whitteon Creek was only one map when my game crashed few times.


Lol we might aswell not get an ET on any map then for the next 6 months


A crash doesn’t make you fail the ET


For couple of years, I would say


I hope there will be a patch to fix bugs in a few days


Aw I was hoping for news on the dlc.

But the longer I wait, the more time they have to perfect it…right? :slight_smile:


Was also waiting for some Expansion 1 news or patch notes.
Looking forward to the new ET, featured contracts, and hopefully the challenge pack will have a cool unlock and won’t be too tedious to do.


Eh, as someone who doesn’t find contracts and escalations very exciting these tend to be quite boring. What I really want is news on expansion and patches.


Wait til Dec 2019.


Yeah, I’m not expecting to see any expansion before summer. People are barely getting to know the base game and there’s many content left to be added in that one first, not to mention content to be optimised as well.


I doubt it’s gonna take them a year to give us some information on the DLCs


I think we’ll see the DLC mid-year, probably August


Very nice content, however I’m kinda dissapointed that the ET is set in Sgail instead of Mumbai. Was really looking forward to that imperial suit but oh well, I guess killing Edna Mode for that masked tuxedo will have to do.

I also was expecting some news on the BM + Absolution remaster alongside this road map, we’re like 4 days away from release and we don’t even have a single screenshot or something


I don’t think that the remaster is something they’re really trying to push, doesn’t seem like they’ve put much effort into making BM and Abso very different.


i have a strong feeling that they didnt really worked on them, beside the port itself, why shouldnt they show anything so close before the release?