HITMAN 2 January 2019 Roadmap


There are currently only 5 main locations (6 including New Zealand) I don’t really think they should release anymore than 1 a month?


They could release the S1 ones in between.


Now this is an idea, that would be good, with the S1 suit rewards!!


Releasing the previous game’s Elusives so soon after release? That’s a bad idea, one that would only alienate new players and get people complaining about the always-online system since not everyone has the Legacy levels yet.

Give it a few more months at least and only then it could work. We will all be getting our S1 suits back anyways, it’s only a matter of time until it happens.


Or just create new ones


I honestly wonder how many people dive into Hitman 2 without having played Hitman 1, or without having been tempted by the cheap legacy pack while buying H2. IO will have the numbers but my strong suspicion is not many.

In any case, I don’t see how it would alienate them more than H1 players not getting it in the current situation. It’s also in IOs interest because it could boost Legacy pack sales if, in negation to my suspicion, it’s necessary.


Huh? IO is a pretty big studio compared to others, what are you even talking about? This isn’t a lot of work, quit milking their tits man. The main game is broken. I’d rather have them release patch notes than content that’s irrelevant when main game is broken. I will never understand IO Interactive to be honest.


With 10 more featured contract we’‘ll be able to unlock the Handyman Wrench!!!
I’m curious about the unlock of the fishy challenge.Maybe a throwable squid or a crab??
The roadmap is good enough but I was waiting at least for an official release date of the upcoming patch-update…It seems like we’'ll get it during the ET week once again (maybe 22ndJanuary?/)
Let’s hope they ll finnaly fix the silent assassin issue , and remove most of annoying bugs , because another 1 month is a long period of time for a team to fix major problems!!

P.S.not even a mention for the upcoming HD collection seems like a bad sign of its quality…Let’s hope for the best , or a normal price at least :stuck_out_tongue:


My heart is more broken than this guy’s neck now that I know the ET isn’t going to be in Mumbai :bear::frowning:. The Imperial Classic will have to wait but at least my sweet Absolution Suit is at hand at last. I don’t really care for the Phantom of the Opera tuxedo.


I do, I guess I was using the tux in H2016 more than anyone. :smiley: The masked one will be a step closer to a Urben suit!


Any reason why they always omit the updates in the roadmap? Seems to be a pretty big thing not to include.


To each their own, buddy. You want a stylish piece of etiquette, I want something between formal but still relaxed enough. :bear::grin:. I think we all are looking forward to the Suburban Suit with equal enthusiasm.


I think it’s because they don’t want to determine the patch date far in advance in order to remain flexible in case they don’t get everything they want to accomplish done by then or unexpected problems show up.


Challenge packs do not have to be in any specific order. They came out based upon seasonal events.

October of 2016, we got Himmapan Horror in Bangkok to go with Halloween and simulate The Shining.

December we got Holiday Hoarders in Paris for Christmas with a Home Alone feel.


Still no escalation for Hawk’s Bay? How disaapointing. So I’ll guess I have to come up with one on my own.

**The Maxwell Emptiness **

Level 1

  • Hack the laptop in the garage.

Level 2

  • Hack the laptop in the garage.

  • Don’t change your starting disguise.

  • Retrieve the joint.

Level 3

  • Hack the laptop in the garage.

  • Don’t change your starting disguise.

  • Retrieve the joint.

  • If you’re getting caught doing something illegal or suspicious the mission will fail.

  • If you trigger the appearance of Reynard and her guards the mission will fail.

So a fish related Challenge pack… IO really does love that fish, do they? :roll_eyes: So what’s the reard going to be? A black fish? An exploding fish? One of the throwable sea stars? A two-handed sword fish as new melee weapon?

Ok the sword fish would actually pretty cool, so it’s going to be something else.

Yes, I’m not a fan of the challenge packs. Still kudos to IO for continuing to add different rype of new content to Hitman. :slight_smile:

And of course another ET. They are always the highlight of each month. Really looking forward to this one.I’m getting a fashion industry vibe from her. It’s also interesting that she doesn’t wear a mask.


If the pack is actually filled with fun mimics or real deals that are interesting because for a reason they make you play with a lot of thinking and strategy, then it’s pretty cool and a nice reward will be the icing of the cake. If we are getting something like the scarecrow challenge pack from 2016, then what a goddamn miserable experience, not only in the stuff to do, but the reward aswell.


Who are the targets?

Or should we just follow the mission as normal?


LOL @ The Maxwell Emptiness!
Very fitting title. A nod to the dog and the mission being completely devoid of challenging aspects.


I’m kinda bummed out that expansion 1 hasn’t been announced for January :frowning:


the game’s only been out for 2 months now. we should lower our expectations a bit :^)
we should be getting some expansion news this month, though. keep a look out