HITMAN 2 January 2019 Roadmap


Tfw people cry for the first DLC and here I am, still waiting for “Hitman: Season 2” :older_man:


No targets. Just the empty map in all it’s glory. :wink:


I’m sorry if I came across wrong. I definitely don’t expect expansion 1 to release this month I just want to hear some signs of life that it is coming


it is coming, they said we’ll get news on it soon


> Tfw people are crying for both the DLC and Season 2 while I’m still here waiting for that scrapped Paris bonus mission set at night :older_adult:


I think a neat one would be a fugu fish unlock. You can already place the other fish as food and poison it, so a variant that already comes poisoned would be nice.


While this is a nice thing, I kind of never saw such plates anymore. They seem to be very rare.


Why are people complaining about expansions? I did not even achieve mastery lvl 20 in most levels and apart from that there is still a lot to do. I hope it comes out somewhere in May, the perfect timing with the summer holidays close by and a lot more time. Don’t forget there should be some time in between to hype us. :slight_smile:


The music itself missing went untouched after the first patch. That alone makes the map bland and boring to play on for ppl that like the music. Even the music when you kill a target isn’ there, or when you have to exit.

I would think they should fix that first before putting an et there. And considering how long it took to fix chef marcello’s radio to play all the time in season one? Who knows when this gets fixed. The patch could come after this et. We don’t know.

Other than that, I haven’t experienced any bugs on that map other than the music.


Hell, I hope they go back to episodic for part 3. Stuff is coming at me too fast while I have other games to play!


My point was that the game as whole is broken with the whole spotting system fiasco. Every map suffers from the same wallhack problems at certain areas just like season 1.

I don’t see how whittleton creek is so much more broken than the rest of the maps for it to be the only one to not have an ET appear there already.


While we all can agree about the wallhacks, broken SA and whatever, Whittleton Creek has something missing that the other maps don’t, the music. All the music. From start, to killing targets, to exiting. That alone is more than enough reason why there shouldn’t be an et there right now. I’d rather they fix that before dropping an et there despite the other broken mess the entire game is also suffering from.


Fully disagree. That isnt nearly enough a reason to justify it. Ive played a lot of contracts on whittleton creek already, at no point made the lack of music the map unplayable.


Don’t tell me you can’t hear these beauts? They play just fine on Xbox:


Music in the main mission works fine aswell on pc, there is only no music in contracts mode


It isn’t about being “unplayable”, it’s about “enjoyable”.
And yes, we all know you can play this game on mute and still have fun but… (see next quote)

Sorry, you’re not everyone else. :wink:


In story mode, ya they play, no issues. But contracts is different. Have you tried contracts? If so, the music still plays on it? I know ps4 and PC it doesn’t.


And neither are you.

So why lock away a potentional map for the people that have no problem at all with the lack of music?

Also, we dont know if that problem would exist during an ET, since the music works fine in the main mission


It’s just temporary, not forever. They also skipped Mumbai. Doesn’t mean it’s “locking it away”.

True, but not having an et there right now doesn’t mean it’s locked away. I’d just rather have music there for sure because I like to play with it and the game is designed with it. Option to turn it off is better than no option to turn it on.


We all know what temporary means in IO’s language, might aswell be forever lol. To quote you:

Waiting that long for an ET in Whittleton Creek just because of the potential lack of music is unacceptable, and in no way justified.


Sorry, you’re not everyone else. :wink: