HITMAN 2 January 2019 Roadmap


Well given I already have about 150 hours on hitman 2 I wouldn’t mind if we got a bit more than a couple of escalations given they promised so much live content


Comfirmed by forthe:

Chef marcellos radio music > All other music on entire map.



Yes, that is exactly the conclusion i wanted you to draw…

Lol, good to have you back buddy. You never fail to entertain me with your sillyness <3


On the subject of Whittleton Creek’s music, why is it so bad? Every other map feels like the composer stepped up his game by several levels, and then in WC we get this weird, string-hoppy goofy set of tunes? It’s weird and almost offputting.


Agree. It sounds very generic to me and I’m actually happy it’s not in contract mode.


it’s good music, and i think it shows Niels’ has great skill in composing a variety of sound. but it just doesn’t fit Whittleton very well, imo.


Apparently it was to give a sorta upbeat, American Dream, 50s suburban image.

Someone found the original track.


Weird. I am about to start WC today. The soundtrack can’t be worse than Paris and Sapienza…can it?


Eh it’s fine, it just sounds weird considering how good the rest of Hitman 2’s score was.


just listen to it and form your own opinions :^)


To me that’s clearly the Halloween bonus content soundtrack.


why are you forcing an elusive target on the last map? it would be better if you released the game with episodes so you did better


What’s the rush for the next expansion? I’m nowhere near wanting to move on from what we have already and have put plenty of hours in! All in good time, plus it keeps the excitement there knowing there’s more to come.

And lastly we don’t want it rushed!!


I need atleast my Absolution and Blood Money suit so I can do the job properly. Elusive targets will keep us playing in the meantime. :slight_smile:


I’m personally more interested in what the patch around the corner might include in terms of bugfixes and new features/options, before I even consider hungering for the first expansion. Improving on the current content and sprinkling in some escalations intermittently will definitely keep me occupied long enough to wait patiently for news on the first expansion. Probably even more so if they re-add the challenge packs for the legacy missions before then.


Likewise, looking forward to what’s to come in January and what the update includes and also the HD collection that’s coming Friday we’ve got what 18 months to 2 years if and when the next Hitman game is released plenty of time for expansions of this game!


The Dev Livestreams… Assuming they’re going to be on Twitch, if they have a Q&A (do they ever?) someone needs to inquire about the H1 save transfer and suits, and if they knew about it, or (if they NOW know about it) would they plan on working on it to make an easy or legit way of having suits transferable without it messing up any current H2 progress.

Granted, some of the ET rewards will be the suits we’ve already obtained, and thus making earning them via consecutive ET SA ranks needless… (Maybe that’s why they won’t / didn’t do it). At any rate, insight on this would be very interesting.


Thank god for red dead. put this game down until the spotted bug is fixed.


I know what you actually meant. It was about the length of time it takes to fix. :roll_eyes::joy:


Well when the simple answer eludes, one must revert to clown silliness cuz it’s like im at the circus. :wink:

I missed you more. :kissing_heart:


And that’s exactly my point. I’m not everyone else, and that includes you. Others like the music and as I said, it’s better to have an option to turn off the music than to have no option to turn it on.

Its a bug. And again, you can turn the music off while others right now, can’t turn it on.

You can get them both on the 11th…with a simple one time payment of…ok ok I’ll stop. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Why is everyone hating on whittleton creek’s soundtrack. Really cool tune which captures the dark soviet façade of the neighbourhood perfectly. In my opinion they nailed that map so well (theme wise) I just love the idea of the twisted acts underneath the beautiful village such as Helen West and the Cassidy insiders