HITMAN 2 January 2019 Roadmap


I don’t think ppl mean Janus’ theme (that one is fucking brilliant), but the general street music, which is kinda meh and forgettable, like watered-down Sims track imo.


I just don’t like the hoppy, sitcom-like part of the score that plays more than anything else. Occasionally we’ll get some ambience which I quite like, and then half of the time after that it’ll snap right back into the goofy score. I get that they were trying to go for a certain mood with the music but I really don’t dig it.


If you listen to the Janus theme and intro on the custom mix made by Salem you will know why I love the soundtrack however I do agree that some moments do sound a bit too relaxed and camp


New roadmap. No patch? Please.


patch coming later this month


I’ve seen a lot of people asking about the patch after seeing the roadmap - they should put the patch date on it and edit it accordingly if they have to delay/bump the patch. Simple. Seems odd to make a roadmap covering all content in a given month, and not list all of the content.


My guess they don’t even know if they will finish the patch for this month. So they don’t want to promise anything.


The salt levels if they had to delay the patch by like 5 days would be unmanagable. I agree they should find a way to communicate their patch dates better, but I understand why they don’t want to announce them weeks in advance.


would you rather have a unfinished patch that will come at a specific date (set weeks in advance) or a finished patch that will fix the current problems? well, i prefer the second option.


I understand and appreciate a roadmap for new content, but do we really need a date for the patch? As long as we get a few days notice, to allow those with poor internet connectivity to prepare, it will come when IOI feel that they’ve addressed enough issues / bugs to make an update worthwhile or more urgently when / if they identify a more serious issue.


Patch for what?
Perfection don’t need patchwork.

It’s a joke. Edited for those who fail to get it.


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true but I doubt their next patch will fix all the problems. theres tok many problems atm


I just hope the next patch doesn’t break more unrelated stuff that we’ll have to await yet another patch for a fix for.


Don’t worry. It will.


I won’t be surprised. Huzzah!


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Do you guys think that issues/bugs that have been around since 2016 will be adressed in this patch (for example no poisoning/subduing/fiberwire on stairs) or is that wishfull thinking?


I highly doubt they will get around to fixing such old issues while so many new and arguably more serious bugs remain.