HITMAN 2 January 2019 Roadmap


Yeah the trespassing fiasco is the most important one but not being able to take down targets on stairs is pretty significant too


If they haven’t been fixed in years, I don’t see why they would be now.


As solid as the game is, if the next patch breaks anything else, I can say that I am totally done with the game and won’t be returning for a long while.

I recall people getting upset when I called IOI for being “careless” with handling these patches, not testing them extensively before releasing them and then later proceed to act surprised but if every patch continues to introduce a slew of new issues, I’d say using that adjective is apt.


of course the next patch is gonna break something, have you people never played a game with patches? it’s just how game dev works, one thing is fixed and it breaks 2 more.
i understand the sentiment if you’ll be mad at too many things breaking. that is ultimately either on the fault of QA or just bad development. but leaving if even one thing is broken is an overreaction


Operation health flash backs


New Sniper man coming?


Good bye!



Times the challenge pack available from?


Probably 1 pm GMT. Things usually get available at that time


Thanks cheese!!



When the Miami challenge pack lands I want to know the unlock ASAP whoever is playing it at 1pm GMT I wont get online until late tonight (Please)


Here we are


Challenge Pack is live, boys! Happy hunting!

Edit: Beat me by two seconds. :smiley:


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 @Britannicus Cheers boys!

Presumbly works the same as the fibre wire and measuring tape?


When featured contracts will be available?


Already are

Where to find the third fish to throw in aquarium?
Will starfish count?


Can someone post image of featured contracts?
@misterkiller one fish in inventory, one in kronstadt kitchen, one in one of the fish tanks.


Ahh good ol’ fishing line. For when your pianos are being tuned.


I know about inventory. but it will be too easy :slight_smile:
Although I presume it’s really the only way


You can find three fishes in the aquariums by breaking them