HITMAN 2 January 2019 Roadmap


Disappointed that my contract did not got featured.


Only two Featured Contracts called Down to the Wire! What is this? :thinking:


Pretty sure one of them is mine, but I’m not in a place where I can check! Would be awesome :smiley:


You’re totally right, it is featured :wink: Congrats


It is, congrats!

Clearly worthy of #1 spot, you guys. :sweat_smile:



fishing line


I cannot speak for multiplayer titles because I do not play them but the vast majority of the single player games I have played, I do not recall any of them getting progressively worse or having their core mechanics broken with each patch like HITMAN 2.

Which is exactly why a good QA team is essential to ensure everything works in tandem before the patch is rolled out to the public but since that unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the case with HITMAN 2, that is


By leaving, I don’t mean permanently abandoning the game but rather taking a long break from it, a hiatus until everything is fixed. It’s not just a matter of my personal principle but a title like Hitman which strongly revolves around mechanical manipulation, something as simple as tossing a coin near an NPC and having another guy from the other end of the map coming to investigate can cripple one’s experience.


Damn. My comment is so much longer than I expected it to be. :man_facepalming:t4:


One thing I notice now: there’s nothing scheduled for the final Thursday of the month, the 31st. I can’t imagine they’d let that pass by without something new, so we could be in for a surprise.


i played mostly multiplayer games for the past few years so i’m more used, i suppose

i know.
bugs can be very crippling for someone’s experience. i’m fortunate enough to have minimal bugs in H2 so far, so i can’t speak for people like you. sorry :<

don’t worry about that. you’re not Jarbinger length comments yet


Is there no unlock for 15 Featured Contracts?


There is a wrench to unlock after complete 15 featured contracts. Still grinding to see what it looks like.

Btw, this is the first time my contract being featured! I am so happy! hope you all have fun with that. :blush:


@Jamy47 has stolen my Archer 47 Meme :cry:


:joy: Sorry bro, I’m not gonna be up in court for plagiarism am I? did you make it lol?


a friend made it for me, after my idea :grin:

no, we are cool. glad you like it :grin:


Playing it now, better be good! :smiley:


Congratulations to the featured ones with their contracts!
As a side note, I love how IO made the reward for the challenge pack something useful to complete the contracts. I think it’ll be a cool idea and motivation to associate challenge packs to the batches of featured contracts. By the way, I think the Fishing Line wire looks better than the original Fiber Wire :bear::yum:


It sure do look good! Far better than measuring tape imo.


Any rewards for fishy business in Miami?

remember that 10 new feat contracts are up today, so we’re up to 15. get that wrench