HITMAN 2 January 2019 Roadmap


Can you post a picture? I completed all (just messy approaches except for the WC one, most not even fibre wire), it’s marked as done but no unlock. Still says redacted. Maybe all have to be Silent Assassin or you have to complete the complications/conditions = [REDACTED] ?


I have read the conditions of some of them and look tedious as hell. Some seem to think excessive complicatios are a good deal.


Humm… I haven’t completed 15 featured contracts yet, I’ll let you know when I finished them. Currently 13 completed.


Good man! its a brilliant bit of art, glad ive got the all clear on using it as my avi lol


The new challenge pack tells me to throw 3 fishes into an aquarium. Where’s the third? I got a second from shooting an aquarium and the first as an unlock, but I don’t know where the last one is. Please help.


This is the description from the website RE the contracts challenges;

Contract Journeyman
Complete 15 Featured Contracts to unlock the Handyman Wrench.

Doesn’t mention any other requirements other than complete


there’s another aquarium one i think


In the kitchen of the lounge where the racers reunite after the end.


Fishing Line in Finish Line - IOI’s sophisticated joke just like “the Big One”. GJ IOI.


Destroy all aquarium. You can find three fishes there :wink:


Have done all 17 featured contracts, I did not receive the unlock (wrench)

Anyone else had a problem unlocking it?


The challenge for 15 contracts doesn’t show any item as a reward so it’s possible they forgot to add it in


Fishing line as an unlock? I guess like Fiber Wire? Meh, don’t need it. Another challenge pack passing on.


Damn it, you are right, hopefully I didn’t mess up my game and can’t unlock it anymore…


They don’t put them in the reward section, so best guess is maybe IOI will add them through future patches. Seems like we won’t have any wrench unlocked this week.


The challenge is like REDACTED so I guess they forgot to tie the wrench reward to it. Gonna wait until they sort this out because it will be annoying to do the 10 and IO saying you have to do them all over again for the challenge to pop out.


Sorry, man! I was recalling what IOI said in the previous patch note. we all have to wait until them adding in future patches.


This is one for @Travis_IOI he’ll sort the wrench issue out


Game is still so broken though


Just got the fishing line unlock, the challenges weren’t too time consuming or difficult thankfully, I like it more than the measuring tape.