HITMAN 2 July 2019 Roadmap

2 mins? Only if you like it well done :joy: gonna be the hottest today but all accounts! Might have to fan the PS4 while I’m doing today’s escalation :joy:


How hot was it? I feel like UK hot could be anywhere down to 28 degrees celcius given it can be so rainy

38.7 degrees C highest ever recorded in the UK :wink::scream:

Any reason why I can’t access “Tone Death” featured contract I’ve got the passes for season 1 and 2 ? I just can’t find it anywhere.

It’s not a contract itself.
It’s overall theme (name) for featured contracts for this month.
Just go to Featured Contracts menu tab

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I see thanks for the heads up.

Cambridge got to 38.1 C, just shy of the temperature recorded in Faversham, Kent in 2003 (38.5 C). A lot of central, south and east England was 35 or thereabouts. Needless to say, with this being the country it is, everyone complains and lots of things grind to a complete halt. I was a bit worried about the laboratory I use at work, it’s got lots of large windows, but the air con did just enough (although I still had sweat dripping off me).

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They think they’ve beaten the 38.5 record, unbelievable if confirmed

*Laughs in Australian *

Yeah this thread has derailed, hope the August roadmap comes out soon so we can start fresh and not screw it up this time.

Sadly as a Silver Editioner I won’t be playing Siberia on launch, and once they do come up with an upgrade for buyers like me, I’ve decided I’m going to wait for a discount since the Special Assignments are worth nothing, I barely get use out of a Sniper Map, meaning I’d be paying $30AUD for a 15 mastery location, just not worth it.

At least Hawke’s Bay contracts mode is coming out that day, so I have something to look forward to


*Laughs in not the entire wildlife tries to kill me * But seriously, do you have any changes to climate down under recently?

And in regards to the content, I wonder what will give us next month, and when the resort will come out. I am still fascinated how IOI manages to give us even less information about upcomming content than everyone else.

Yes, floods and droughts at the same time somehow.

Things that should be just around the corner are:

  • Something (probably an escalation) to unlock Wetsuit
  • A fucking new H2 ET for goddamn once (Though they haven’t actually promised this, I’m just hoping)
  • Mumbai Ghost Mode (Probably not 'til September though)
  • Probably something else I’ve forgotten about

I.o. Want those sniper outfits as well as WC, HB and Mubai suits. There’s also turtleneck you’ve not yet given us.

It would be really cool if you gave the ET suits to owners of the previous game, when they buy the new game sine there’s no way for them to get them anymore.


Now that sounds fucked up

The wetsuit would be nice, also a new ET. There are still suits left, and I really want that Bangkok, Wittleton and Mumbai suit.

I hadn’t noticed that one, also Cambridge but needs some confirmation, possibly whether the device has a traceable calibration. Either way - quite hot indeed!

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Insane temperature mate!

Anyway in an attempt to get this thread back on topic :joy: how do you think July’s faired in terms of content to other months? It’s right up there for me :+1:t2: Looking forward to finishing off a good month with Siberia on Tuesday.

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Oh, right, on-topic. I’ve quite liked it but I don’t tend to view it month-by-month, it’s all just a single growing thing, really. There’s not a lot I view as bad in general (ie, with all that is on offer in the game), one or two featured contracts have been annoying but I don’t expect everything to be perfect. Still happy with it. Worst things are some bugs that apparently aren’t acknowledged but it’s not a problem with enjoyment of the game.

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I wasn’t implying you’d sent the thread off topic mate :joy: I just saw others moaning about it :+1:t2:

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:joy::joy: I haven’t read half of it

Please Help - Violin will not unlock - All the required achievements have been successfully checked out yet I did not see the violin unlock reward at the end of the mission nor do I see it Anywhere inside my inventory - Please help.
Thank you

Hello and welcome to the forum. I have a memory that this was a bit bugged for some, please search/read the bug report thread (“violin” should narrow it down quickly). Please also post this problem in that thread.

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