HITMAN 2 June 2019 Roadmap


The June Roadmap for HITMAN 2 has arrived and a ton of new content is on the horizon for all players!

This month’s theme is “Greed Kills” and our content will wrap around that. The headline this month is The Bank, a new sandbox location for all owners of the HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass. We’ve also got a Challenge Pack, Featured Contracts, a Double Elusive Target, Escalation Contracts and more!

Read the full blog post for more details and get a great visual summary with our very own Community Developer, Clemens, in the June Roadmap Trailer:


Yeap. Kind of underwhelming though, as it’s basically nothing new on the Bank. I hope a trailer will drop as well.



Ohhhhh, Mr Gigglessss :heart::heart::heart::heart::sob:

I’m gonna kill my husbando soo good, can’t wait, can’t wait


Two legacies this month :confused:


Along side with Summer suit unlock as well. Sweet!


confirmed Bank is in the US

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lmao when was the last time we got a new ET, the start of march?


No mention of new unlocks for the special assignments?

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Embrace of the Serpent and Illusions of Grandeur take place at different time of day compared to their location’s main mission

they also won’t have contracts mode :roll_eyes:

Awesome looking targets for the new missions; But not at night? Thats a big letdown. I loved how we got a night version of all the maps in season 1, or a day version if the mission took place at night (hokkaido). I would have liked to see mumbai and santa fortuna at night.

EDIT: Had the original bonus missions contracts mode?


x3 escalation? Oh god.


Yes all bonus missions had contract mode.

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except for the Author and Patient Zero

What a letdown. I hope they at least change much to the missions, like sapienza icon, or landslide. Please no little to no changes like the patient zero missions.


They need to change the names of the escalations “The Aquatic Retribution” and “The Unpalatable Retribution”. (and “The Treasonous Mimicry”)

I prefer escalation names that include a person’s name.

I never played “Patient Zero”, but does the Bangkok map from there have a contract mode? As long as I remember, Heartbreaking Hotel was made on it and it is very different from the regular version.

Yes it does.

This text will be blurred

Interestingly, Clemens also wears a New York hat, is it intentional?



June 07 / Legacy Elusive Target – The Deceivers – Sapienza // Unlock Signature Suit/Gloves

June 13 / Escalation – The O’leary Conflagration – Whittleton Creek

June 20 / Escalation – The Unpalatable Termination - Miami

June 20 / Featured Contracts – Assassin’s Greed – Global // Unlock Toolbox

June 25 / Mission – Illusions of Grandeur – Mumbai

June 25 / Mission –Embrace of the serpent – Santa Fortuna

June 25 / Location – Golden Handshake – The Bank

June 28 / Legacy Elusive Target – The Entertainer – Marrakesh // Unlock Summer Suit/Gloves

June Unlocks (confirmed)

Signature Suit with Gloves - Completing The Deceivers will get you the suit if you already have completed all 8 ETs that we’ve had. Thus completing 9 Elusive Targets to get the suit.

Summer Suit with Gloves - Completing The Entertainer will get you the suit

Toolbox - Completing 40 featured contracts (I believe there will be 42 available after June’s are released)

Credit to @Ibbe040 as this is his format :+1: (sorry for stealing your fire bro)