HITMAN 2 June 2019 Roadmap

IMHO even if this is just different NPC placement with the same map, it already makes sense for contract mode.


Ok. Who is “Milton Fitz Patrick”?


  1. Bank doesn’t look like it is being robbed.
  2. Illusions of Grandeur seems to be about Street Magic.

Kinda glad we’re not starting with the bank robbery, personally

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Best guess is the founder of the bank, but we will get our answers when the map eventually comes out.

Milton and Fitzpatrick would be the bank’s founders.

  1. Good, well at least for me
  2. Fantasic. I find that whoever holds the sword decides who uses the Penn.:joy: Seriously a lot can go wrong at a magic show.

I use that in a section of my fan bonus mission set in a Carnival at Colorado.

Very excited for the Bank map :grinning:. Of course also for the other scheduled releases!

See you in H3, then.


Getting right on it. Probably will be sorted for the next patch :smiley:


Autsch, so I think this means that both construction zones in Mumbai and Columbia won’t be finished and not getting replaced by full buildings?
I hoped so much, that this would be the difference to looking forward to, but it seems that this will not be the case.

At least it could be a nice question for the next podcast and asking IOI,
if this could be possible to replace a construction zone with a full building for the a bonus mission, because that would give both maps a small new face and it would be more worth it to enable this maps for the contracs mode.

I know we’re talking about Hitman 2 DLC here, but.

I think we all know where we really wanna go in Hitman 3.



It’s just not happening, they’ve never done anything like that before, and the fact they said the maps won’t be different enough to warrant contracts confirms that. Because if they had completed Rangan tower then we’d have an entire 7 storey building full of people living and working to make contracts out of! A completed Rangan tower alone would be the equivalent of an entire level from Hitman: Silent Assassin.

I’m sure it’s possible, but they’ve shown they don’t want to put in anywhere near that kind of effort for these “Special Assignments”, which is a shame because it would make this game so amazing, and provide hours upon hours of replayability in contracts mode (And potentially for them to make Escalations and an ET for)

Also, the IO monthly is only one day before the actual missions are released, so even if they didn’t answer any questions, we’d find out the answers 24 hours later anyway

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With these “special assignments” they also do something really shady; renaming an already etablished concept. Whenever a gamedesigner puts a new word on something they already did, I get suspicious. What was wrong with the first words, or do they want to keep us away from comparing…? Most of the time, aaa publisher do this, to have the “Its something else!” excuse when they get caught. I take everything with doubt IOI announces in that regard.


I believe it is something different to bonus missions though, because at least the Bonus missions (AHBOS, Landslide, The Icon) all had Contracts mode and several Mission Stories, and unlockable items from challenges. So for all we know “Special Assignments” don’t have that level of stuff (We already know they don’t have contracts mode), so it’s very possible it actually is something different to “Bonus missions”… something worse!

Although they have done that before, it’s called Patient Zero missions


Thats exactly what I meant. That they promise us something similar, as “Existing location, new targets, new time of day etc” is exactly what we had in bonus missions, but they dont tell us thats is less. But less. Also, I hate “mission stories”, that does sound so rpg sidemission quest crappy. I prefered “opportunities”, as they where exactly that. Opportunities to get inside a building, or a certain disguise, or close to the target, or a special kill. Mission stories sounds as if we could “discover stories from nps” or something like that.


Those are words that are easy to write, and Im often came to this conclusion, after breeding about ideas that could be added to the game, but in the end Im telling me, that I don’t know much about coding, how expensive or time consuming such changes would be etc. And that’s the reasons why Im shutting down my own ideas and saying that it just wouldn’tever happen because of money or lack of personal.
But who knows what the reasons are, but anyway I still can dream about this and writing about this topic like now and can kinda freaking out insinde my head, because it’s just a dream.

I also preferred “Opportunities” to “Mission Stories”, thought it was weird and confusing to change the name, because what if you want to talk about the mission’s story? Now people are thinking you’re talking about opportunities instead.

Oh well, I’ve had time to adjust my expectations now I know what they’re not giving us, I’m still looking forward to these special assignments (sort of), but it just means I’m now going to get like 10 hours less gameplay out of all of them, since there’ll be little reason to revisit them.


I mean, yeah. That’s just marketing for you.

As long as they justify and fill my week off I’ll be happy. Don’t wanna waste my days haha.

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