HITMAN 2 June 2019 Roadmap

Omg these (insert user here) vs Fortheseven arguments are classic :laughing:


I know. It’s simultaneously monotonous since it’s always the same thing and nobody gets anywhere, but the challenge itself is fun and fascinating. To give the guy one inarguable positive quality; he certainly makes you think really hard about the game, one way or another.

im listening to the voice linez Salem provided. there’s a lot of new lines for the Wetsuit. im guessing theyre preparing for when they make it unlockable.


I expect these new lines also mean that they will introduce new ones or at least reuse the ones that match the outfits you are wearing. Tired of hearing how 47’s red tie is smashing, when wearing the Phantom Suit, with it’s grey tie.


What if they are colourblind? You ablist scum.:joy:

Fair enough. Still, I don’t think being color blind makes you see someone wearing a tie with a collarless shirt, like the one used for the Casual Tourist outfit. :bear::stuck_out_tongue:

What if they are schizophrenic then?

False. There are alot of runs that require perfect lighting fast execution, no matter if one pays attention, it will always go wrong numerous times due to difficulty.

Why exclude getting spotted? Because that’s the complication where autofail is at it worst. So again, you have a bunch of npc’s behind you, one of them just barely spotted though, but you wouldn’t know which one, because it’s an insta-fail.

Not at the same rate. Which is what i said: Optional complications help with this, e.g. speed up the process.

It allows for proper observation and testing, at a faster rate. You can see much more clearly what went wrong, and how you could prevent it, and observe if that solution doesn’t mess anything else up. This takes way longer and is way more annoying without this possiblity, aka insta-fail.

I just explained that it really isn’t. Learning and getting to know a contract isn’t frustrating. Having to try again isn’t frustrating, that is the whole point of the game. Had lots of runs where i got SA at one point, yet still kept on retrying it for 100 times to shave off more time. None of that is frustrating. Not knowing what exactly went wrong and insta-failing, that is frustrating. For reasons i already mentioned a few times now.

No. Having complete mastery of the game and being as good as i can be is my goal. To achieve this i’ll have to do a lot of testing and experimenting and observing, which naturally involves errors and mistakes. That is part of the process. But whereas optional complication are a great tool to gain a quicker understanding of all the little mechanics and nuances, insta-fail complication do nothing of the sort. They just instantly end the mission, not allowing for any kind of experimentation,

It’s like talking to a wall. No the frustration does not come from failing or making an error. That’s the nature of the game and i’ll never get angry at myself for making an error. Now the game screwing me over is frustrating, but thats unrelated to this discussion. But the only thing that is frustrating in this context is not being able to properly examine what and why something went wrong. That is it.

Cute little anology. Here is where it falls flat however. You get properly prepared for a driving exam. You get the time beforehand to learn all traffic rules, have to take a test and pass before you can even attempt the real exam, and you get plenty of driving lessons beforehand, untill the instructor feels like you’re ready for the final test. None of this applies to Hitman when starting a new contract. There is lots of little info in the contract that you have get familiar with/learn first. For example does anyone have a line of sight one me on this particular spot on this particular timing and does it allow me to cheekily dispatch this one target quick without anyone witnessing him die? Guess what, there is no way to know beforehand, you have to test and experiment. Guess what massively helps with this? Optional complications. Guess what hinders this process? You got it, insta-fails.

I hope you see the clear difference between the two examples, feel like i explained it pretty well.

No, because there is a huge flaw in your line of thinking/analogy that you missed.

And again you are missing the point, even when i rephrased it more clearly: Insta-fails add nothing to the game/for the player, besides possible frustration. You are focussing on the frustration part, while that is just a possible outcome in my statement. What it is about is the first part: It does not add anything. And that is the fact.

It has nothing to do with perception or personal experiences. That only applies to the possible frustration part. Again, insta-failing itself does not add anything for the player. It simply doesn’t, and it has nothing to do with me not liking it or me preening my ego.

So instead of trying to get personal and blame it on my ego, please explain to me clearly: What does insta-fail add for the player compared to an optional complication? I’ll wait.

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What the hell does this have to do with a ducking roadmap


Absolutely ducking nothing motherducker!


It took a ducking long time to scroll through that.


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Why must there be 20 :duck:


was listening to the rest of the voicelines and i here lines about “the Wall”, “the Stone Circle”, “in the Showroom”, “at the Stage”.

Those are Sgail locations. The battlements, Janus funeral, the white futuristic room and where the effigy is, I think.


In december 2018, this was posted on this forum. Is this basically a concept for hantu port?


This post aged quite well!

Maybe. That was an aborted missione forma the mobile Hitman Sniper game. I think they reused that concept transforming it in Hantu Port

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I wonder when the July roadmap will happen

Later this week i think

This screenshot looks very similar to a flash game I used to play. I’ll see if I can track it down