HITMAN 2 + Legacy - Challenge Count

6 Global Challenges (The Classics 1 Pro, The Classics 2 Pro, The Classics 1 Master, The Classics 2 Master, Silent Escalation, Escalating the Situation)

62 Elusive Target Challenges (as of The Stowaway)

15 Ghost Mode Challenges

4 Featured Contract Challenges

81 Sniper Assassin Challenges (27 per location x3)


44 Greenland (ICA Facility) Challenges

93 Paris (as of The Kotti Paradigm)

179 Sapienza (as of November ‘19)

121 Marrakesh (as of November ‘19

102 Bangkok (as of November ‘19)

88 Colorado (as of Scarecrow Challenge Pack)

109 Hokkaido (As of Snow Festival)


46 Hawke’s Bay (as of The Mills Reverie)

146 Miami (as of Riveria Restoration)

125 Santa Fortuna (as of The Truman Convention)

136 Mumbai (as of The Han Encasement)

136 Whittleton Creek (as of November ‘19)

103 Isle of Sgail (as of The Rafael Misadventure)

67 New York (as of The Dalton Dissection)

83 Haven Island (as of November ‘19)




1 changed challenge - Priceless (Whittleton Creek)


3 removed challenges in Sgail - All the King’s Men, No Budget for a Railing, Making Waves


Just wanted to count the amount of Challenges H2 has


Umm… okie dokie. Will refer to this in future.

Updated for the July content

Updated for the August content

Updated for The Culinary Trip surprise Challenge Pack


Updated for Friday’s new escalations

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Updated for the non-expansion September content

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Updated for the BIG content drop which added a total of 156 new challenges

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Sorry, dude but it’s totaly pointless thread :stuck_out_tongue: That same information everyone have in game.

The in-game info is inaccurate because it adds multiple non-location challenges to the counters


Updated for October 2019 content EXCEPT for the Hawke’s Bay challenge pack

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Updated for November content drop which added 40 challenges

The December content is giving us 22 challenges, and that’s the last piece of content we’re getting for Hitman 2. So the final challenge count is a whopping 1745!

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Accidentally added one too many. Now the count is hopefully actually accurate