Hitman 2 Legacy Missions are not showing up as playable

Hello, this is a major problem on Xbox One consoles.
Many of us Xbox One players have been unable to play the Legacy Missions that we own, have installed, and have played for a long time sense around the end of the Legacy Badboy Elusive Target. We have been posting and troubleshooting and have gotten nothing but canned responses from anyone about how to fix this. To IoI if you know what has happened and are going to fix it please let us know, it is extremely bad manners and bad business to ignore your customers when thay ask you what is happinging. To anyone else who has this problem, please post in this thread so we can all forum in solidarity so they have to respond. It is to the point that many are missing the time sensitive Elusive Targets and that is unacceptable. We bought the content and have it installed on our consoles give us our access please.


I already have the Hitman 2 starter pack. Do I need to uninstall it and reinstall it? If so that is a very bizarre way to fix this issue but OK.

Please divert your Legacy Pack questions here: Xbox One Legacy Pack (August 2019)

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