Hitman 2 Legacy Pack


Hello everyone,

I have Hitman Definitive Edition with no digital code (no Episode 6, no Summer Bonus Episode). If I install Hitman 2 along with Legacy Pack, will these missions be available for me?


If you buy Legacy Pack, yes. You’re either entitled to Legacy Pack (You have all episodes) or you need to buy it.


No, you can’t redeem the Legacy Pack for free if you don’t own Hokkaido and the 3 bonus missions. You have no choice but to buy the legacy pack in Hitman 2 if you want to play the first game’s missions.


You need to have all episodes installed to redeem Legacy for free.
The episodes are not for sale anymore.

If you can’t find it then you can access Legacy by buying GOTY Legacy Pack for H2.

You could also upgrade your Definitive edition to Game Of The Year by buying Game Of The Year Upgeade for Hitman 2016 and then redeeming GOTY Legacy Upgrade.

So your only two choices are;

  1. Purschasing GOTY Legacy Pack for Hitman 2.
  2. Upgrading from Definitive to Game Of The Year and then redeeming GOTY Legacy.

Who can redeem the HITMAN Legacy Pack for FREE?
Players who own HITMAN: The Full Experience, HITMAN: The Complete First Season (digital or disc) or all seven episodes individually (Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bonus Episode, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido) from the previous HITMAN game, will be able to redeem the HITMAN Legacy Pack.

Players who own HITMAN – Game of the Year Edition (or have upgraded to the GOTY Edition) or own HITMAN: Definitive Edition, will be able to redeem the HITMAN GOTY Legacy Pack.



Thank you very much for the answers! Are these bonus episodes worth buying?


Episodes are not for sale.


I have a chance to get Hitman Definitive Edition with not used digital code. Just comparing the options.


Just make sure Hokkaido and Bonus Episode can be installed.
Then you’re all set to redeem GOTY Legacy for free.

Check the link I posted to see what the difference between Legacy & GOTY Legacy is, what they include, how you’re eligible to redeem eiyher and step by step process to redeem either for your platform.