Hitman 2 Legacy Paris, Blogger Leaves Before Interview Starts

Whenever I do the interview opportunity, the blogger simply sets down the camera by the fountain and walks away to the outdoor lounge. Then Novikov comes, sees that she’s not there and walks away as well. This makes it impossible for me to get the “Photobomb” challenge, which is one of the last challenges I have left. Is anybody else experiencing this? Does anybody know how to fix it?

Can confirm, I havent heard anyone outside of PC say the same though.

No fix to my knowledge. My last Paris Challenge :’(

Mine is on PS4 :frowning:

Can confirm that.

Mission Story ‘A Rare Scoop’ / Photobomb Challenge
Platform: PC/Steam, latest PC Game-Update from Dec. 21, 2018


Merry Christmas to all :christmas_tree::santa::gift:

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That’s annyoing!

But I loved that comment at the end from the bodyguard to Stylist 47: “Easy on the foundation, brother. Looks caked on. Just saying.”


It works ok for me. I’m on PS4 too. But i did this before the lastest update so maybe they broke something.

Also experiencing this issue on PC. Glad that it appears to be a known issue.

same problem on PS4 at this mission I just can’t make the interview happen so that the challenge can’t be unlocked. hope this can be fixed soon.

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This is what I did. I chocked Victor when he was near the interview zone and dragged him near the camera, then killed him with the explosion.

Challenged completed.

You weren’t gunned down immediately? That area is crawling with guards

Maybe he swept a little

It would need a lot of sweeping

I’m on xbox and they both walk away before he gets to the camera.

This doesn’t work, I just tried it. @misterkiller

Skip to 5:00 for the sauce

Well actually @Paul_mccartney said that he dragged Novikov to the camera and triggered the explosion in the camera, not that he exploded him with any explosion

That’s what I did, the final explosive was planted in the camera. 2 Concussive duckies first

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My bad then bro. I skipped the ending because I thought you killed him with the duck, didnt see that it was a concussion duck

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It’s all good. I just hope it gets fixed in the next patch

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Me too. Fortunately I completed it already. I 100% Legacy before I began with Hitman 2 :smile:

It’s my very last challenge in all of Hitman 2 :disappointed_relieved: