Hitman 2 levels from carry over not present in H3: Hitman 1 GOTY and Hitman 2 on Steam

I don’t know if this has been posted, i did a search and previously all Legacy Trilogy levels were missing, but I have Hitman 1 and Patient Zero missions available and Carry-Over worked, Requiem pack is missing but i heard that’s being fixed.

Also, though, my Hitman 2 levels are missing from Hitman 3, and i was hoping to do more mastery to see what i could get from them as far as unlocks go.

HITMAN 2 game is not present on Epic Store and that caused the problem.
But developers are close to the finish line in sorting this out and promise to give those levels to those who own HITMAN 2 on Steam for free.
So if you own HITMAN 2 on Steam, you just need to wait approximately till the end of February and HITMAN 2 locations should appear.

And one more thing.
Carryover process does not include any locations or DLCs, or any other stuff.
Carryover process includes only your game progression data, achievements and unlocks.
Nothing more included

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Ok, thanks for the heds-up.

Yes i noticed the levels from H1 and GOTY are present, and unlocks from my Steam Progression, as it initially said (overall) Mastery Level 97, I have played fairly Casually, but Hitman 3 is fairly short, even though i’m not great at stealth games that aren’t linear, this seems a bit more linear, and i am really happy with how great everything looks too.