Hitman 2 live at gamescom


A few members of our community and i got invited by WB to attend gamescom and play the new hitman!

We will keep you updated and share some cool pics!

Much love forthe


Of all the members, they choose you

JK :kissing_heart:


Congrats @Fortheseven!! Can anyone tell me who are the others?


Awesome! Now there’s @Kotti first one on the left, two other members of our community. Which one is you @Fortheseven, first one on the right? :wink:


From left to right: kotti, euler, me, urben


And the girl on the right? Looks nice :grin:


Have Fun Guys! also, enjoy your stay in Germany!


Shes my date for tonight :wink:


Have fun guys, bring us cool pictures :wink:

@Fortheseven m8, if you can play the new game, I trust you to test some fetch trick, wallhack, mirrors, and IA behavior in HITMAN 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Best community around in the gaming world, enjoy m8s :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t4:


Can’t wait to see @Kotti complete FO (fish only) runs using voice command.


@Urben guys please asked them about the Blackballer from the beta. Please.
I’m serious. Ask them why they removed it.


So jeeeellllllllls

Keep us updated!


Dont worry, first thing i will do tomorrow!

@badeaguard they said what do you mean? Its the same weapon


Aftet these couple of years, I finally see Euler’s face. Fantastic.


You will just jump through the next wall anyway in the moment we talk about it. :joy:


Congratulations, and have fun!


I feel like there’s so many real people on here, now!

For all I know, everyone could’ve been bots until now.


I already knew the faces of Kotti and Forte but Euler and Urben were just mysterious in this departament, specially Urben.



Show them this